Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marxists use same attacks on both Allen West and Sarah Palin

- by VotingFemale

Like Governor Sarah Palin,
Congressman Allen West has joined the Battle

So Fill Your Hands
You Marxist America-Hating S_Bs

Marxist NBC Trots out their Anti-Conservative Scumbaggery

Congressman-Elect Allen West is as much a nightmare for snake oil Marxists as Sarah Palin. They are both coming for these enemies of Americans and THEY MEAN BUSINESS. These Marxists are frightened out of their total wits.

Folks... if you thought the Marxist-Leftist Junkyard Dog attacks on Sarah Palin was below the belt, they are just warming up on powerful political figures on the right. That they focused their personal attacks almost exclusively on Sarah Palin over the past two years is their admission of guilt at failing to connect with the majority of America... thus they seek to demonize us all directly and indirectly. Sarah Palin is the Mother Lode of Anti-Marxism Kryptonite and they know it in spades. Now she has company, which includes Congressman Allen West.

These scumbagger Marxists have no real reason to fear weaklings on the Conservative side of the equation... and they have their progressive friends RINOs on the right as well. Did you observe them rallying around Lisa Murkowski [R-AK] against Joe Miller?

RINOs are their not-so-secret backstabbing weapons and have stabbed Americans in the back yet again today:

Watch what these Marxists do to smear Congressman Allen West.

Can you imagine a presidential ticket with both Sarah Palin and Allen West?

The heads of the Democrat Marxist Elitist Dragons would literally explode in one massive detonation, for they know all they have is snake oil to sell and/or shove down the throats of Americans who have woken up and kicked their Congressional Lamer A__es to hell and back.


Voting Female, Texas born and raised, blogs from New England.

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