Monday, November 29, 2010

Newsmax: Jeb Sides With His Mom, But Praises Palin

Says Gov. Palin has "an incredible skill to connect with people"
In an Newsmax TV interview, former Florida governor Jeb Bush sided with his mother Barbara in the war of words between his clan's matriarch and Sarah Palin. Dubya's younger brother, however, said his mom "from time to time says things that that give us all great joy and sometimes some consternation," and offered praise for the former governor of Alaska and GOP vice presidential candidate:

”She's got an incredible skill to connect with people. She has fantastic political instincts, I think... She seems to get energy from the left's opposition of her. It's interesting how she turns that energy into continued strength amongst people who view the elites with great concern. So she's managed to figure out how to deal with this almost irrational displeasure of (sic) her. She turns it into a huge political strength. That requires just great political instincts, and she certainly has it.”
- JP

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