Thursday, November 25, 2010

What a coincidence! Morning shows hype Bar Bush's Palin blast

You DO believe in coincidence, don't you?
In the same Monday morning time slot, all three major alphabet networks seized upon Barbara Bush's recent diss of Gov. Palin to push the "divisive" and "overexposed" memes. The former is an oldie but baddie, while the latter is the newest shared anti-Palin media narrative:
On Monday, all three network morning show's eagerly highlighted former First Lady Barbara Bush voicing opposition to a Sarah Palin presidential run while suggesting the former Alaska governor has spent too much time in the public eye. As Harry Smith proclaimed at the top of CBS's Early Show: "It's all Palin all the time. But could the most famous family from Alaska be on the verge of overexposure?"

Later on the Early Show, senior White House correspondent Bill Plante noted: "But there are critics. In an interview with Larry King, former First Lady Barbara Bush weighed in on the possibility of a President Palin." A clip was played of Bush: "I think she's very happy in Alaska and I hope she'll stay there." On NBC's Today, correspondent Norah O'Donnell declared: "Nothing like some controversy to help sell a book, right? Just as Palin gears up for her national book tour and a possible presidential run, Barbara Bush says she likes Palin, but hopes she stays home." Finally, on ABC's Good Morning America, correspondent John Berman announced: "Sarah Palin seems to be everywhere. But, not everyone approves. Why Barbara Bush and other Republicans are saying enough."

While the Early Show only mentioned Bush's criticism, both Today and Good Morning America sought to tout widespread GOP opposition to Palin. On NBC, O'Donnell exclaimed: "Even the conservative magazine, The Weekly Standard, is going negative on Palin. The article says Palin's show 'has secured her a spot in the reality TV Star pantheon. And good for Palin, though there's no compelling reason to suggest the rest of us should tag along behind.'" On ABC, Berman remarked: "Listen to conservative George Will on This Week with Palin's visit to Dancing with the Stars." A clip was played of Will: "It's stirring family values but it's not good training to be president."

Gee, what a coincidence. And if you really believe this was a coincidence, we would like to sell you a brand new Pontiac which just rolled off the assembly line yesterday.

- JP

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