Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SPAlaska's 3 million viewers vs. MSNBC's 250,000

The leftist moonbatosphere sees it as a very big deal that the second episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska drew 3 million viewers, while the premiere episode had an audience of nearly 5 million.

TLC, however, is not complaining, and the network people point out that despite the more modest ratings, Alaska was still in the top five programs in ad-supported cable Sunday night. They reason that the first episode drew so much media attention that a drop-off was probably inevitable.

The Alaska media blog Broadsheet notes that Sunday’s 3 million is a larger audience "than than the 2.4 million viewers who tuned in for the best performing season finale of AMC’s hit series, Mad Men":
As another recent highly anticipated series, Conan, had a 41% drop from week 1 to week 2, this week’s ratings dip from the premiere’s record-setting ratings of 4.96 million viewers is to be expected. It’s of course difficult to determine everything that affects ratings, but some are speculating that Sunday Night Football and the American Music Awards may have had an impact on the numbers. Find more information about these ratings with this pessimistic slant or with a more evenhanded report.

Don’t let pundits fool with you to comparisons to broadcast show. Cable and broadcast viewer ratings are dramatically different from each other. Compared to other cable TV programs, Sarah Palin’s Alaska has more viewers and is considered to be quite successful.
But don't expect the haters on the left, who try to put a negative spin on everything Gov. Palin does, to report how well Alaska is actually doing.

"Progressive" sewer site Jezebel coughed up the furball of a headline "Viewers Already Sick of Sarah Palin's Alaska" in a typically slanted story. It occurred to us that if, with an audience of 3 million, viewers are in any way "sick" of Alaska, then the entire MSNBC network must have its audience on their deathbeds. The leftist cable news network's viewership rarely gets above 750,000 in weekday prime time -- only about a fourth of the size of Alaska's audience for its second show. On Sunday nights, when Alaska airs, MSNBC can only manage a pitiful audience of about 250,000, or about .08 percent of the Alaska viewership in the same time slot.


- JP

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