Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kathryn Jean Lopez reviews 'America By Heart'

It’s a good book that stands on its own
Another positive review of Heart and more excerpts:
It’s a good book that reflects exactly what people like about her — her passion for (as it happens) family, faith, and flag.

Palin has always been good at highlighting good things that might not otherwise get national attention, and she certainly does that in this book. She praises “unsung heroes” like the Catholic women religious Sisters of Life, “whose members not only pray for the protection of human life but do the hard, selfless work of caring for human life. They help mothers have and raise their children, and they counsel and comfort those who have made decisions they regret.”


This isn’t your traditional campaign book, by any stretch. This is more Book of Virtues meets biography, with long blockquotes and candid reflections. It stands on its own as a nice little contribution to our culture, campaign or no campaign.

- JP

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