Monday, November 8, 2010

SarahPAC offers signed copy of 'America By Heart' for $100 donation

In the email below, SarahPAC is offering a free signed copy of the governor's forthcoming second book to $100 donors:

Dear Friends,

Last week, the American people sent a political shockwave through Washington! Conservatives prevailed all over the country and a record number of seats changed hands. A victory like this, for free-markets, limited government, and American exceptionalism, could not have happened without the help of grassroots volunteers, donors, and Patriots like you!

With the generous contributions of our wonderful donors, SarahPAC was able to support many worthy conservative candidates this election cycle. Out of the twenty Obamacare-voting Democrats identified on our Take Back the 20 website, 18 were defeated by conservative candidates with SarahPAC support. We are very humbled to have been a part of this historic wave election and we are confident that the new class of conservatives heading to Washington in January will go on to do great things for their constituents, and our nation.

In the wake of this conservative reawakening, we are excited to be able to give SarahPAC supporters the chance to receive a signed copy of America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag with each contribution of $100. In this new book, Sarah sheds light on the roots of the faith and values that have shaped her outlook on everything from family to current events and the political world.

The contributions will be used to support our freshly-minted conservative officeholders as well as commonsense conservative candidates in the less visible, but vitally important run-offs, special elections, and off-year races in the coming months and years. Of course, donations of any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Even though we can breathe a sigh of relief now that the People's House has been returned to its rightful owners, we still have a long, difficult road ahead to completely stop the damaging liberal agenda that is still being pushed in Washington.

Thank you for your support and congratulations on this great victory for America and those who love her!

Your Friends at SarahPAC
- JP

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