Monday, November 8, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 149

"My Girl" Edition

Mark Vogl at America Today:
"Sarah Palin is being insulted, condemned, and mocked. But... she is not being ignored. If Sarah could not win she would have faded out of sight long ago... Sarah Palin is a potential Ronald Reagan. She is a heroine. She is a powerful speaker and leader. Sarah is unique, a stand alone. Would I want my daughters to be like Sarah bet. Would I want my nation led by Sarah bet. Since McCain lost, people have been trying to convince the rest of us that Sarah is a bimbo, or not intelligent enough to run the nation...all they have succeeded in doing is making me even more faithful to this patriot. I dont want a rookie running... I don't want Marco Rubio...give him some [time]... I dont want Romney or Perry... Nope Sarah's my girl."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"PBS's Mark Shields on Friday said Sarah Palin's decision to resign as the governor of Alaska is 'like Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick.' ... So resigning as governor to pursue other political endeavors is in the same league as drowning a woman and fleeing the scene of the crime?"
Phillip Elliott at The Daily Caller:
"More than three dozen of the Republicans she supported won seats in Congress to challenge President Barack Obama and possibly smooth a presidential run by their benefactor... Palin earned high-wattage allies in early nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina should she seek the White House in two years. The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee backed winning candidates from Washington state to Florida, but her political heft went to like-minded conservatives in states that could prove critical to a presidential campaign."
Darleen Click at Protein Wisdom:
"Palin has no right to use 'mama grizzlies' because the bears are pro-abortion or something..."
Examiner Anthony G. Martin:
"In a stunning double-[pronged] statement in the aftermath of the largest Republican gains in Congress since 1938, RINO Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, and former Senator Trent Lott blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the failure to capture control of the Senate... 62 candidates endorsed by Palin won. 23 lost. 7 are yet to be decided. No matter which method of calculation is used, that is an extraordinary record of success... The problem with the GOP is that it tolerates people like Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott, who are a prescription for failure. Americans made it clear they do not want compromise with Obama's runaway spending and reckless manner of governing. They want roll-backs, cuts, and common-sense solutions to problems, NOT a Leftwing extremist ideology that RINOS such as Graham are all too willing to compromise with."
Doug Brady at Conservatives4 Palin:
"For all the talk of Palin's unalectability by beltway Republicans with ulterior motives, there can be no doubt that Tuesday’s 'national' election was a contest by proxy between Obama and Palin. We all know who won that contest, and it wasn't close."
Peter Wilson at American Thinker:
"Perhaps with more support from people like [Peggy] Noonan, O'Donnell and Angle could have won their elections, which by definition would make them qualified candidates... Sarah Palin might not be my first choice in the 2012 primaries, but, for crying out loud, she's on our side! Palin is a friend of conservatism, not an enemy--to use our President's language. It's unfortunate that a talented and intelligent writer like Noonan spends time in her first post-election column attacking a solid conservative, when there are so many nincompoops on the Left promoting policies that are destructive to the country."
Perry de Havilland at
"Often the quality of a person can be judged by who their are enemies... and that means Sarah Palin is looking more appealing by the day."
The Lonely Conservative:
"It’s not just Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann getting bashed by some on the right, but they’re the most visible of late... This bashing of two very popular Republican women is just plain stupid. We’re all on the same team and these are serious times. This isn’t about the political careers of individuals. It’s about the future of our republic. The candidate who best makes the case is the candidate we should support. Trying to take down members of your own team isn’t the way to do that."
Anchorage Activist at Alaska Pride:
"So it's O.K. for Joe McGinniss to invade the privacy of the Palin family for a profit-making enterprise, but it's not O.K. for the Discovery Channel to show McGinniss' mug on T.V.? Talk about rank hypocrisy..."
Renee Ellmers:
"Many people have expressed their disappointment that the National Republican Congressional Committee refused to help. Well, as President Reagan used to say, Sometimes you have to make a politician feel the heat to see the light. Whether it is due to Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or all the bloggers helping us, the NRCC has seen the light. They have wired my Recount Fund $5,000 and committed to help us raise money. I am grateful for their help and, from here, we take one step at a time... if you can, please send a contribution to the Renee Ellmers for Congress Recount Fund."
Paul Holmesin the New Zealand Herald:
"Sarah Palin is a greater phenomenon than ever... She is frightened of no one."
John Ziegler via Hot Air:
"There is no doubt that the coverage of Palin has evolved in her favor and she deserves credit fot that. In the ultimate karate move she now gets stronger every time one [of] the usual suspects with nothing else to complain about levies an unfair attack on her. Of course, the ultimate irony here is that since the media covers nearly everything she does, it gives her infinitely more power, and the reason they do that is not because they like/respect her, but because she is great for ratings... But make no mistake, if Palin runs for President, especially if she wins the nomination, the media bias against her will be beyond extreme."
Mario Canseco at Angus Reid Global Monitor:
"With the mid-terms out of the way, Palin can concentrate on trying to move some of her personal numbers. In a July Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, 51 per cent of Republicans thought she would make a good president, practically tied with other prospective contenders..."
Luke Matthews at
"I knew the leftwing mainstream media would come out of this election cycle with their knives drawn, but I guess I was naive enough to believe they’d try to report with at least a modicum of truth trapped deeply within the web of their lies. The New York Daily Worker News decided that it would play fast and loose with the truth in a bizarro article about how 'W' despises Sarah Palin. Since Oprah couldn’t trap 'W' on her show with a jaundiced question about Palin’s readiness as presidential timber, the NYDN just made up a story. In a journalistic ethical lapse that TMZ or E! wouldn’t have committed, they found someone who believes Bush dished Palin, maybe, we think, our Magic 8-ball suggests."
- JP

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