Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ron Futrell: Is This About DWTS or Something More?

"No duh. It’s a popularity contest."
Ron Futrell at Big Journalism is enjoying the meida hysteria over the success of Bristol Palin on ABC "Dancing With the Stars." He finds it "much more entertaining than the show could ever be":

Wherever you turn there are comments about how horrible it is that Bristol is winning this “competition.” Breaking news here, DWTS is not a real show, nothing real about it. It’s fabricated to get female viewers for ABC and it’s working much better than I ever thought it would.


No duh. It’s a popularity contest.


The vitriol is everywhere. This from the Orlando Sentinel, Chan Lowe, editorial cartoonist, “The Tea Party wing nuts, still excited about screwing up the country with the elections earlier this month, are now overloading ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ There can be no other answer.” Yep. Wing nuts win again.

Like Sarah’s show on TLC, the DWTS’ ratings are going through the roof. Wing nuts win again, while the incorrectly named “progressives” sit and stew in their misery knowing that one of their bastions of liberalism (prime time network programming) has been invaded by the enemy. I say invite Ed Schultz next season and let’s see how he does. See if his three viewers call in to vote for him. Maybe Overstuffed Eddie could show up on Skating With the Stars coming up soon on ABC.

The crew on Good Morning America was booing and hissing when it was mentioned the following morning that Bristol knocked off Brandy to make it to the finals. Seriously, you could hear the booing and hissing and Robin Roberts even referred to it. I don’t expect serious journalism from GMA and my low expectations are always met.


The activist old media shell game. Europe is broke, America is broke, our President refuses to see the threat of Muslim extremists (what is “jihad?”), and the media ignores the building wave on the internet that asks serious questions about Obama’s resume, and we get a Royal Wedding and a “Dancing With The Stars” “controversy.”

- JP

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