Thursday, November 18, 2010

Douglas Mackinnon: Parker's Sad Envy of Sarah Palin

We may be on to something here
Douglas Mackinnon, who served as a writer for President Ronald Reagan, also worked in the Defense Department, both venues where the straightforward approach was the order of the day. It shows in his work as a columnist. Mackinnon doesn't BS his reader, as so many in the media do. Unlike most in the media who have written about Kathleen Parker, for example, he doesn't pretend that she's any kind of "conservative." Mackinnon prefers to call Parker what she is -- a liberal, as in his latest column for
Embarrassingly for CNN host and liberal commentator Kathleen Parker, not only does she suffer from a severe case of SPDS (Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome), but -- like a smitten tween trying to emulate her favorite actress in the Twilight series -- obvious envy and jealousy have prompted her to try and steal Palin's look based on the leather jackets Parker has been sporting of late on the air.

Ironic behavior to say the least when you consider that just last week, Parker loudly, proudly, and with a finger wagging, proclaimed on CNN that "I led..." the media assassination of Sarah Palin. That in response to filmmaker John Ziegler's accurate observation that Parker was partially responsible for the character assassination of Palin. Clearly, "partially" was not nearly enough credit for Parker. She wanted --- and her various insecurities demanded -- that she be credited with throwing the first bucket of mud which slimed Palin. Strange.

It's been asked numerous times by now, but what is it about Palin that sends wealthy, pampered, and elitist women like Parker and Maureen Dowd over the edge? Could it be something as simple as guilt? As in Parker and Dowd know full-well that they were in part -- very much like the Barack Obama they adore -- handed their status and title by the dictates of political correctness and affirmative action. Is that the truth which so enrages Parker and Dowd? That they were picked as columnists and commentators, not fully because of qualifications and experience, but because some white male editors needed to fill the "woman" space?

Before the predictable liberal attacks descend upon me, read what Parker herself once said on this very subject: "The way the market is set up, there has to be a left, there has to be a right, there has to be a conservative, there has to be a liberal, there has to be a man, a woman, a black, an Asian..." Whoops. There have to be token hires.

Okay. We may be on to something here...

- JP

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