Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quote of the Day (November 13, 2010)

Meredith Jessup at The Blaze:
"In one of the more amusing attempts to discredit Glenn Beck’s week-long expose on billionaire George Soros’ unparalleled influence in global politics, Salon’s Justin Elliott reports that one of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s aides is actually on Soros’ payroll. Scandal! Uh, not quite... The fact that one individual obviously knowledgeable on international politics advised the one-time vice presidential contender is moot, and extending this individual connection and extrapolating a wider relationship between Scheunemann‘s entire firm and Soros’ global business empire is a stretch, to say the very least. After an entire week of reporting the questionable agenda and unchallenged facts presented in Beck’s look at the 'puppet master,' is this seriously the best, er, refutation (?) the left can come up with?"
- JP

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