Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 153

Special "I can see 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' from my house" Edition

Frazier Moore of The Associated Press:
"Whatever you may think of Sarah Palin, the fact remains Alaska is magnificent with her as its presenter. 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska,' premiering Sunday on TLC, adds 'TV host' to Palin’s crowded resume, which already includes former governor, former GOP vice presidential candidate, best-selling author and conservative superstar. Palin also is a wife, a mother of five and a grandmother, of course, and her new series integrates her home life with Alaska’s great outdoors... Judging from the first of eight episodes, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' keeps politics out of the picture. Sure, the show is effective in selling the Palin brand. But along the way, Palin throws herself into selling the grandeur of Alaska."
Melissa Clouthier via Liberty Pundits:
"I think that the left is not going to like it, NOT because she comes off poorly, but because she comes off so humanly and well."
Mike Scotti, guest blogging at at You Served:
"Sarah Palin’s Alaska... is scheduled to premiere November 14, 2010 at 9/8c on TLC. The show looks to take viewers into the country’s ‘final frontier’ through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens – Sarah Palin. Produced by Mark Burnett Productions, I knew that the show would be extremely well made and that it would engage the audience. I was not disappointed. But I was not prepared for the truly awe-inspiring beauty of the Alaskan landscape. Sweeping shots of glacial mountain ranges. Emerald waters in which Sarah and her daughters fish for salmon. Grizzly bears in the rugged, undisturbed wilderness. After the first five minutes of the show, I was wishing that I could hop on a plane with a rucksack and a few weeks off to go and see it for myself."
Jim Geraghty at NRO's Campaign Spot:
"...the program does seem set to reveal the personality of a major political figure in a truly groundbreaking manner."
Guy T. Wehman at"
"Many critics are out there slamming Sarah and the making of this series as merely a ploy to lure people into her camp so that she can run in the upcoming presidential election for 2012. All I have to say is 'Tough!' Get over it! Sarah is a bit of fresh air in the media din that drones on night after night. Her values are wholesome and straight from the heart. The Alaskan scenery should be enough to command at least a one time 'look-see'"
Thomas S Schmitz at Jefferson's Rebels:
"People will see the vast wilderness of Alaska and the beauty of God's creation that Sarah talks about all the time. It truly is a great wonder, a majestic place that so fills Sarah's heart."
Jennifer Graham Kizer at
"Sarah Palin’s Alaska (TLC, Sunday, Nov.14, 9 p.m. ET) turns out to be more of a travelogue than a laundry-airing vanity project. Palin and various family members embark on legitimate adventures amidst captivating scenery and fascinating wildlife. Alaska itself is so magnificent, and the filming is so well done, that even Palin haters will feel a sense of awe. Many find her annoying when she brags about her state, but no one can dispute that her state is, indeed, breathtakingly beautiful... The show is about Palin, not Alaska. But at times the state does upstage its former governor. And to her credit, Palin obviously doesn’t mind..."
Stephanie at My Kids Made Me This Way:
"I think I shouldn’t like her, but damned if I don’t LOVE her. I can’t wait to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska on Sunday. I will vote for her if given the chance, count on that."
Michelle Horstman at NewsReal Blog:
"TLC's new series, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' premieres this Sunday night, Nov. 14th, despite the best efforts of her detractors to shut it down. What might appear on the surface to be an effort by those who oppose her views on conservation and hunting issues is, in reality, backed by the usual suspects who seek to shut down any voices who do not go along with their progressive agenda. Those who claim to be the biggest advocates of free speech continue to prove that their brand of free speech only applies to speech (and programming) that fits with their ideology; no others need apply... Whether you are a fan of Sarah Palin or not, I strongly suggest you watch every minute of TLC’s production; if not for what you might learn about Palin, than just for the sheer pleasure of driving the usual suspects crazy with the ratings. Will I be watching? You betcha!"
Doug Ross at Director Blue:
"I don't care what you think about Sarah Palin's viability as a presidential candidate, one thing is for certain... She has a much better, much more refined and self-deprecating sense of humor than certain other folks currently serving in office."
Lori Brenneman via Conservatives 4 Palin:
"Having just come from a pre-screening of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', I must start by saying that this is a true feel-good series. It was fun. And that, I believe, is the intent here. Those who watch the series hoping to get inside Sarah Palin's head and find out what makes her Sarah Palin will, instead, discover that it is a travelogue. It is precisely what Sarah Palin maintained all along that it would be... Not that there aren't glimpses into the family life of the Palins. There are a number of them, all pleasing in their authenticity... Although Gov. Palin has lived in Alaska her entire life, she approached each adventure with an undimmed first-time enthusiasm that was wonderfully refreshing... This is a show that families can watch together and honestly enjoy, from the youngest children to the older adults."
Jennifer at Riehl World View:
"After I warned about the trembling from liberals before the premiere of TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska, we finally have our first case of Palin Derangement Syndrome by a TV reviewer from the New Yorker... this person takes her critique to another level. Even using Palin's children to attack Palin."
Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
"Via Facebook, Governor Palin discusses "Sarah Palin's Alaska" and her refusal to allow the critics to stop her from showing off her state with all its beauty and rich resources. Having spent some time in the Last Frontier myself, I applaud the Governor for doing this series. Those who watch and see the mountains, the waters, and the wild animals will long to visit this state that brings clear understanding of why residents call it God's Country."
Paula Street at Boston's WODS-FM:
"Forget the politics, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' 8-week reality show looks like a blast."
Katie Pavlich at
"When we think of reality show, we think trashy housewives and serial dating, but this is not your typical reality show. Instead, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' is a unique look into faith, family, love, strong American values and the natural beauty Alaska has to offer... Overall, this is an opportunity for viewers to see Sarah Palin for who she really is personally, as a wife, mother and career woman, without the media spin machine distorting her image or the distraction of being surrounded by political hoopla. "
- JP

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