Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 156

"Crazy" Edition

Steele at Wild Citizen:
"It was voted 'The Biggest Lie of 2009' by the St. Petersburg Times 'Truth-O-Meter.' Sarah Palin’s Facebook article that claimed Obamacare would lead to rationing and the creation of Death Panels of bureaucrats to decide who lives and who dies. The Media and Blogosphere agreed. Sarah Palin’s article was an insane, right-wing, conspiracy theory. Death Panels were nonsense. They wouldn’t really happen. Besides, only a lunatic would actually want them. Fast forward to... 2010… Yesterday’s lies are tomorrow’s only real solution. Or so says insane, right-wing, conspiracy theorist, Paul Krugman of the New York Times... I guess lies aren’t what they used to be."
"This Just Raised Sarah Palin’s Rating About 20 points..."
Dr. Michael Williams at
"A New York Times Columnist, Paul Krugman, touched the third rail of Obamacare Sunday, while on ABC's 'This Week' when he made a statement confirming the need for 'death panels' as a means of containing health care costs. Krugman is not the first person who has advocated the use of 'death panels' and yet liberals excoriated Sarah Palin for pointing out that the Obamacare bill contains what many on the left have said needed to be done..."
Ethel C. Fenig at American Thinker Blog:
"Sarah Palin can see Washington DC from her house..."
iusbvision at The IUSB Vision Weblog:
"Those of you who think that Sarah Palin is stupid are going to get her elected by 'misunderestimating' her. Palin was a city councilman, a mayor, an energy regulator, a journalist and a governor. She held elected office for five years before Barack Obama ran for anything. She also owns a commercial fishing business. Her husband Todd is a champion racer and [was] an oil worker on the North Slope. The Palin’s position, and it’s one I share, is that the referee/government should be returned to its non-participatory and objective role. The dollar is the world reserve currency and the dollar is what is used in international oil transactions. Fish are also a commodity. Palin knows these businesses backwards and forwards... These are also the subjects that elite media journalists will never ask her about."
Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog:
"It wasn’t capitalism that caused the economic collapse. It was an unholy alliance of big business and big government... Palin’s position, and it’s one I share, is that the referee/government should be returned to its non-participatory and objective role."
Michael Suede at Fascist Soup:
"In the surreal Orwellian world of Keynesian liberalism, economics commentators view those who want to prevent a future collapse of the dollar as actually being responsible for a future collapse of the dollar. In an article entitled Will Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Cause Hyperinflation? resident Time Magazine economics idiot, Stephen Gandel, attempts to pin the coming currency collapse on lower taxes. I s___ you not.... There’s so much wrong with this idiotic nonsense that I’m having a hard time figuring out where to begin."
Rush Limbaugh:
"Sarah Palin has the intellectual curiosity to figure out that Obama is destroying the country and has to be stopped, which makes her more intelligent than Lisa Murkowski."
Stacy Drake at A Time For Choosing:
"As someone who FAILED her bar exam FOUR TIMES, Murkowski has the nerve to say that Governor Palin lacks 'intellectual curiosity.' Perhaps if Murkowski had any intellectual curiosity herself, she may have realized that daddy couldn’t hand her a law license... The notion that Governor Palin lacks the intelligence to 'craft great policy' is both insulting and bereft of fact. Murkowski, with no real policy accomplishments of her own, acts as though ACES and AGIA never happened. Lisa also doesn’t take into account the years Governor Palin spent as a City Council Member, a Mayor, and AOGCC Chair either. All positions which required more than just simple 'curiosity' to serve..."
mRed at Invincible Armor:
"Murkowski represents everything wrong in DC for many reasons, but her arrogant calculation to defeat (probably) the duly nominated Republican candidate Joe Miller, her feeling of self-entitlement and her snotty cat scratching at her opponents tell me that she hasn't a clue."
Matthew Balan at
"[Roland Martin] was so proud of bringing his well-rehearsed label of Palin to CNN that he bragged about it on Twitter after the segment: 'Yes, quote me correctly. I did say on CNN's Anderson Cooper that Sarah Palin is the Kim Kardashian of politics. Rebroadcast at 11 pm est!' The next morning, Martin continued his self-marveling: 'Sarah Palin is the Kim Kardashian of Politics. A created celebrity who makes money for no reason whatsoever!' He also continued the attack on the Republican: '@sarahpalinusa needs to apologize to America for calling Obama a celebrity since she's one.' Actually, one could come to the conclusion that Roland Martin owes Sarah Palin an apology for comparing her to a porn star."
Guy Benson at
"Absolutely nothing that Sarah Palin does seems to escape the Left's feverish, paranoid scrutiny. As they see it, her new show's ratings coup must not, and cannot, stand. She is undermined, derided, and accused of wrongdoing in virtually everything that she does, almost without exception. It's exhausting to keep up with, really."
Popgun at Popgun's World:
"I watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska the other night, along with a whole bunch of other people, which made it TLC’s number 1 launch event ever... It was a good show, and fun to watch. It was not overtly political, but I think it was a good move for Sarah Palin because it provides greater perspective on just who Sarah Palin is, how she and her family live, and how they think. You know what I mean: all the things we still don’t really know about Obama... I don’t know if Sarah Palin is going to run for President, now or later; but if she ever does, I will vote for her because we share most of our core values. But more, I would vote for her unreservedly because I think I know what I’m getting."
"I suspect that ['Sarah Palin's Alaska'] will go a long way towards helping her reach out to people who have a negative view of her based on the bizarre attacks lobbed at her from the right. "
Caroline Galea at The Malta Independent Online:
"Palin... will now have to be considered as a front runner for Republican presidential candidate in the 6th November elections of 2012. Leading political journalists are now likening her stance to that of another popular Republican President, Ronald Reagan. Reagan remains synonymous with his particularly easy style, charm and populist approach to politics. Things become even more complicated when one understands the Palin effect. Many are considering this an electoral victory for Sarah Palin rather than a Republican Party victory. Evidently, it was mainly Palin’s backed candidates that wrought most havoc on the Democratic Party dominance since 2008... This new set of political appointees are now seen to be in debt to Sarah Palin’s energetic efforts during this political campaign both on the ground and in the media."
- JP

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