Saturday, October 16, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin's Rousing Seech at Victory 2010 rally in Anaheim

Courtesy of TheRightScoop, here's full video of Gov. Palin's remarks to the GOP Victory 2010 rally in Anaheim, CA Saturday:

h/t: Barracuda Brigade 2012

- JP


  1. I think we’re at the beginning of a new chapter in political science books, and Sarah is writing it.

  2. This speech went gangbusters. I loved the apologize to the 15 million unemployed line. She needs to use this more often.

  3. Reagan 2.0

    No wonder the leftists fear this woman. She is a colossus. Resistance will soon be futile

  4. Oh and still adjusting to the new look - if you ever find yourself needing help on images/graphics etc let me know - am happy to assist

  5. Sarah is not waiting around for Obama and the libs to set the agenda for the next two years. Sarah will save this country from the liberal agenda even she has to do it her self.