Monday, October 18, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin talks to CNN in Reno

Here's Gov. Palin answering a CNN producer's questions in Reno, something the left claims she refuses to do:

Sarah Palin warned Monday that the mainstream Republican Party must embrace the core conservative principles of the Tea Party movement or disappear.

In comments to CNN at a Tea Party Express rally to kick off its fourth national tour, Palin said the Republican Party machine realizes how the Tea Party movement's "we the people" message has resonated on the political right, as well as with independents and moderates. The message emphasizes free market principles and individual and state powers instead of expanded federal powers.

"Heaven forbid the GOP machine strays from this message," said the former Alaska governor and unsuccessful Republican vice presidential candidate. "If so, the GOP is through."

Her comments, in response to the question of whether the Tea Party movement is dividing the Republican Party, showed how Palin and other Tea Party leaders are trying to galvanize the political right by bringing their supporters together with the traditional GOP structures.

- JP

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