Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Todd Palin: 'We support Joe Miller'

Todd Palin leaves no doubt, as this audio clip from last night on radio clearly demonstrates, of his and the governor's solid support for Joe Miller:

The leftist Palin Internets Smear Squad And Naysayer Team (P.I.S.S.A.N.T.) bloggers would have you believe otherwise, so much so that they have posted screen shots of alleged emails which they claim show a rift between Joe Miller and the Palins. As usual, when they aren't outright lying, they are distorting and trying to make mountains out of pissant hills. All the moose manure in Alaska doesn't make for fertilize that good. Suffice to say that even if there were some hurt feelings, they healed very quickly, long before any supposed leaked emails were posted. Much ado about very little. In fact, Miller acknowledged what the support of Todd and Sarah Palin has meant to his campaign in an interview Monday with Mike Allen of Politico and ABC News' Jonathan Karl:
MIKE ALLEN: You’re here because of Sarah Palin.
JOE MILLER: No doubt about it.
The only thing that was puzzling us was how in Hades did the P.I.S.S.A.N.T. leftists get hold of these emails, if they are for real? You know that neither Todd nor the Palins' attorney would leak them, and Tim Crawford should also be considered above reproach. That leaves someone on Miller's team as the lkikely suspect. Stacy McCain attributes it to the fact that there are some Huckabee supporters in Miller's campaign. Still, even if you back Huckabee, you don't go running to leftist Democrat bloggers to bash one of Huck's potential rivals for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. We could see Romney backers doing that kind of thing, because they have demonstrated in the past that no vile campaign tactic is beneath them, but we figured Huck's people would be better than that. Oh well, fool us once...

h/t to Organize 4 Palin for the audio clip.

- JP

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