Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Smart' liberals get snared in Sarah Palin's '1773' trap (Updated)

At the time she said it, it occurred to us that our Sarah might be setting a little trap for for fact-challenged leftists. Sure, she was delivering a speech at a Tea Party event, to a Tea Party crowd and talking about the Tea Party. Still, The Arctic Fox just knew that the ignorant and spiteful left would not be able to resist taking cheap shots at her. And she just knew that very few of them would bother to look up the year of the original Boston Tea Party:
Sarah Palin at Monday's Tea Party rally in Reno, Nevada, told attendees, "Don't be thinking that we've got victory for America in the bag yet...We can't party like it's 1773."

Clearly not understanding that was the year of the famed Boston Tea Party, history challenged media members, including PBS's Gwen Ifill and Daily Kos's Markos Moulitsas, mocked Palin via their twitter accounts...


Of course, all these geniuses needed to do was a simple Google search of "historical events of 1773." The first response would have helped them identify that the Boston Tea Party happened on December 16th of that year.

I guess it's easier for arrogant members of the Left to just ridicule rather than research.
Hey, research requires actual effort, like putting down the bong and turning on the computer and stuff. We're willing to bet that when Sarah's dad taught her how to fish, hunt and trap, little did he realize that some day it would have a political payoff.

Update: Gov. Palin retweets Michelle Malkin: "Own up, dear"
"Gwen Ifill, et al... Really? Silly. RT @michellemalkin: 'Stand down,' says @pbsgwen re. her Palin bashing. Own up, dear. http://is.gd/g8AYb"
How sweet that tweet!

- JP

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