Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: 'When I do run again I will be more rogue'

In a question and answer session following her address to the Bon Mot Book Club Wednesday night in Vancouver, Gov. Palin's choice of adverbs in response to a comment from a member of the audience may be an indication that she intends to run again for public office:
She seemed to agree with one person who suggested she allowed herself to be too programmed by Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s handlers during the pair’s bid for the White House.

“Thanks for the advice,” said Ms. Palin, at the event ostensibly to plug her book Going Rogue. “When I do run again I will be more rogue.”
Notice that she said "when" she runs again, not "if" she runs again. Not to read too much into her answer -- which may have been intended as a joke -- but what she said and how she said it only adds fuel to the fire of speculation about the governor's intentions for 2012.

More on last night's event from The Globe and Mail and The Canadian Press.

h/t: Conservatives 4 Palin

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