Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah Palin and why WE are pulling THEIR political power plug

- by VotingFemale
This is a vivid and necessarily strong-worded reminder of what we and Sarah Palin are dealing with and why it is vital to both donate to candidates and vote in the upcoming mid-term 2010 elections.

Socialist Engineered US Economic Destruction
The $1 trillion dollar Stimulus failure was intentional.
If you accurately understand Socialism
you already know why it was intentional.

Obama sold his now failed Stimulus package by misrepresenting what it would be, what it would do and how it would do it. Its failure was an unspoken design feature.

Another economy destroying plan of his, Cap & Trade, was masked in lipstick by shrouding it in a "feel good" environmental cloak.

"Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." -Barack Obama, January 2008

Skyrocketing energy prices means inflation. Even if there were such a thing as Global Warming, forcing energy prices to skyrocket would absolutely kill the US economy... throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Like many of you, I lived through the hell of inflation during the Carter administration. Home loans were at a 22% interest rate, and the prices of canned goods at the food stores increased every day with price labels on top of price labels as the value of money spiraled downward.

It was an economic sickness that robbed people of the value of their productivity by making their hard earned money ever valueless.

Socialist polices are intended to stimulate inflation... because a powerful American free-market is the Socialist target of choice. Some Americans do not understand, but many do and a Majority now rise up to stop the Socialists' destructive agenda. These Democrat Socialists are like rats feeding on and infecting our economy with the aim of killing it off forever. Nothing would make them happier than $10 a gallon gasoline shifting the economic lifeblood of America into the pockets of middle east countries.

Islam and Socialism/Communism are ultimately incompatible, for one is atheistic and the other theistic. But, both hate the USA for different reasons, thus "enemy of my enemy is my friend" applies for the time being. Don't folks find it ironic that all Christians and Christianity are denigrated by Socialists as extremist while at the same time they are palling around with Muslims, the most extreme of religious groups?

Muslims are more intolerant of gays and more oppressive of women than any other religion, yet U.S. socialists will not acknowledge these facts because radical Islamists are the "enemies of their enemies." Socialists hate it when people figure out what and who they truly are and what they are up to... for they must work under cover to get their economy killing agendas accomplished.

Obama did this country a favor... he came further out of the Socialist closet than any president since FDR and thankfully, in his egotistical arrogance, he showed that he believed he and his comrades finally had America by the throat and had won forever. He, they, like so many others in history, underestimated the everyday American who loves our country and would die fighting to preserve her.

The GOP has been infiltrated by "progressives" who like the opposing party's "progressives," would corrupt the economic power of the country.

The Tea Party and Sarah Palin are the embodiment of "we have had enough." That is why you saw GOP establishment pols stabbing Palin in the back starting as soon as she was picked for VP... and they will do the same to any other public figure popularly selected and backed by tea party minded folks. This is why the Socialists and their Vichy Republican pals attack Sarah Palin and the tea party as "extremists" and "raaaacists" 24/7. They hate our guts and would literally kill every one of us if they could get away with it.

We are indeed their political enemy and we have come to pull their political power plug forever.



Voting Female, Texas born and raised, manages her own blog and resides in New England.

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