Thursday, October 21, 2010

Politico Lying about Palin Again? (Multiple Updates)

-By Warner Todd Huston
Radio host Mark Levin says that Politico's piece slamming Sarah Palin today is an outright lie, at least as far as his part in the story is concerned.

In a long piece by Jonathan Martin about how he thinks Sarah is wrecking havoc on GOP politics across the country, he says this
According to a source familiar with the situation, she backed out of planned interviews with conservative talk-show hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin the morning she was scheduled to talk to them. And her multiple schedule changes so annoyed Glenn Beck that he finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book.
Levin says that this is flat out untrue. On his Twitter feed, Levin wrote:
This is a flat out lie. Sarah Palin never backed out of any interview with me. Period.
One wonders why Martin didn't actually practice proper journalism and check out the claims of his "source familiar with the situation" and call Hannity and Levin and see whether or not it was true from their perspective?

So much for "journalism," eh?

On her Twitter feed, Governor Palin tsked Mr. Martin:
"Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...ya just made big mistake lying about Levin, Beck, Rush...U can lie about me, but taking on the Big Guns? Not smart"
She cracks me up.


Warner Todd Huston is editor of Publius' Forum and a contributor to Texas for Sarah Palin as well as Big Government, Right Wing News, and a number of other websites.


"F. Lee" Levin talked about this on his Thursday radio program:

Via C4P, Charlie Davis, CEO of the SRLC sent this e-mail to Martin, essentially "refudiating" his so-called "sources." Elegantly done, Mr. Davis.

Also, a reminder from Erick Erickson that Politico isn't exactly the pinnacle of reliable reporting.

Our friend and Blogs 4 Palin colleague Shane Vander Hart in Iowa contacted both the Grassley and King campaigns. What they told him directly refudiates what Martin's alleged "sources" allegedly told him. To paraphrase an old Dan Akroyd character on Saturday Night Live, "Jonathan, you leftist media slut," quit making things up!

Glenn Beck says the Politico hit piece is "an out and out lie." He has demanded that Politico print a retraction and apologize, or else name the alleged "sources" of its story.

- JP

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