Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 132

"Sarah Palin Rules" Edition...

GulfCoastBamaFan at I Bleed Crimson Red:
"Neither the left nor the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN have properly estimated her. Sarah Palin has been taught a cruel lesson by the way she was treated by the media in the 2008 campaign, and that lesson is that when you play by their rules, the media determines whether you win or lose. So, what Mrs. Palin has done is create her own set of rules... Palin has bypassed the mainstream media altogether, and is now speaking directly to the American people in ways that the media can’t control or attenuate. She is a very tough, very smart and very instinctual woman. When you hear the media talking heads explain what 'Palin needs to do,' rest assured that she will most likely do exactly the opposite, and speak her message directly [to] the ears of the American people."
Russell Wilcox at From Sea To Shining Sea:
"Sarah is my hope for the future; she may not have all the answers, but I trust her instincts and her integrity to do the right thing for America."
Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
"Conservatives should look to the “creative conflict” in their own ranks, which started last year in NY-23 when Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman challenged the mainstream candidates. A call from the wild first came from Sarah Palin to support the new approach, and right there with her was former New York Gov. George Pataki, soon to be followed by Govs. Tim Pawlenty (Minn.) and Rick Perry (Texas). The pragmatic old-schoolers, led by Newt Gingrich, fell in line behind the traditional party candidate... In the Texas gubernatorial primary... the old school favorites including Karl Rove, George H.W. Bush, Karen Hughes as a proxy for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and others lined up behind Kay Bailey Hutchinson in opposition to incumbent Rick Perry... Perry had only the support of Sarah Palin but won in a landslide."
Peter Grier at left-leaning The CS Monitor:
"The trailer for TLC's... 'Sarah Palin's Alaska,' is out, featuring themes of family, fun, and freedom. It functions well as a political ad, too."
Abigail Seidman:
"I... concur with Alveda [King]'s note that there's feminism, and then there's feminism. I'm all for equal protection under the law, equal treatment in the workplace, and an end to negative stereotypes that diminish women and our ability to succeed. I've been a member of Feminists For Life for a few years now, and I read the Susan B. Anthony List site regularly. Sarah Palin is one of my heroes (my husband says he's proud to be a 'Todd', supporting me every step of the way as I speak out for women and children). To me, pro-life and feminism were never opposites - they were entirely complementary. False feminism pits women against men and children, making family life the enemy and careers the only source of joy, instead of working to integrate women's lives so that we can succeed and thrive in everything we do."
Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine's Contentions blog:
"Heaven forbid telegenic, principled conservative women should upend their liberal opponents, ascend the political ladder, and grab the spotlight. Bad enough there was Sarah; now there is a whole flock of them. You can understand why [Maureen] Dowd is green with envy."
Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress:
"Ed Morrissey looked at NOW’s endorsement of California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown – whose campaign assistant had just been caught referring to his (female) rival as 'a whore' – and asked 'Seriously, what does it take for a Democrat to lose the endorsement of the National Organization from Women?' The answer, of course, is 'turn pro-life.' Anything short of that, and it really doesn’t matter what misogynist, insulting or dehumanizing thing a Democrat does, NOW will support them... NOW has exposed itself – once again – as only representing the concerns of women when the women concerned have fallen in line with the 'official' protocols that make them 'authentic' women, like Steinem or Hillary Clinton – who will 'look the other way' and let bad boys be bad if the girls can get something out of it, or mindlessly carry water like Patty Murray and Barbara Boxer – and not 'fake' women like Condoleeza Rice, or Meg Whitman, or Carly Fiorina or Sarah Palin, for that matter, Patricia Heaton, who dares to call herself a Feminist-for-Life. All of those women, they’re fake women. But if they’re fake women, at least I guess they can’t be real whores."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"Racist Bill Maher Trashes White Men, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann & Christine O’Donnell in Sexist Rant... What a pig."
Ann Althouse:
"Liberals... loathe the strong, attractive women who have emerged on the right. And minorities and women have for many years tended to go for the Democrats. So those minorities and women, polled, will say they oppose Palin. But some minorities and plenty of women lean toward conservatism. If they feel repelled by conservative women like Sarah Palin, wouldn't that be evidence of sexism? By contrast, the white males who love Palin should, for being open to women stepping up to political power. [But] if these men only saw the women as sexual beings, they would tear down the political aspirations. They would scoff at and mock them... the way Bill Maher does."
Patrick at Son of Mary:
"The political left has become increasingly misogynistic from attacks on Sarah Palin, having NOW okay calling Meg Whitman a 'political whore,' Keith Olbermann calling Michelle Malkin a 'mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it,' and many other sorts of sexist attacks with no real basis in reality."
Sarah at Liberty Postings:
"First Lady Michelle Obama is said to have participated in some campaigning within a polling place while in Chicago to cast her early vote. According to an eye (and ear) witness in the room, 'She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going.' And, you know what, I think this is a big deal. The law in Chicago, as in many other places... states that there may be no campaigning or political talk within 100 feet of a polling station... At least as problematic as I found the First Lady’s conduct was the response given by an official with the Illinois State Board of Elections, who said, 'You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right? I mean, she’s pretty well liked and probably doesn’t know what she’s doing.' Wow. That’s kind of like eighth grade... the popular girls don’t have to play by the rules. Really? We should 'drop the standard' for the First Lady? What, does she get diplomatic immunity when in Chicago? The President and the First Lady must adhere to the rule of law just like the rest of us. Let’s be honest – the situation would be different if Sarah Palin had done the same thing. Imagine that she had walked into a Wasilla polling place... and said, 'Hey there, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Six Pack! You betcha that I want you to support Republican candidate Joe Miller because I like him and he will continue the agenda of freedom and small business and freedom that we all want for these great United States!' There would have been a MAJOR fuss in the media. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann would have been beside themselves and it may even have topped the Chilean miners on the network evening news."
Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"Yes, Sarah, she has met people in uniform. And no, I don’t think it does much for her level of pride in America as it existed before her husband tried... to turn it into a socialist unicorn ranch in fantasy land that his wife can finally be proud of..."
Steve at Motor City Times:
"The angry Liberal [Detroit Free Press] columnist Susan J. Demas is worried about 2012 because, if Republicans retain the Michigan Senate, capture the State House and the Governorship (with the squishy, yet at the same time supposedly tough nerd as our Governor) Republicans will be in good shape, redistricting our State's reduced number of Congressional districts... Did I mention Ms. Demas has a raging case of Palin Derangement Syndrome? ...At this point, I believe that Ms. Demas is incapable of writ[ing] a single column without taking a swipe at Sarah Palin."
The Kid at Diary of a Right Wing Peace Loving Pussycat:
"I'm enjoying watching Sarah Palin doing the Exact things she needs to do to continue on her quest to help America, and secondarily - absolutely stuff it to the media crowd. They have to be beside themselves."
Paul Harris at the UK's leftist Guardian:
"Outside San Francisco, signs of the rising Republican tide are even clearer to see. They were on full display at the Centre for the Performing Arts in San Jose where a conservative group was last week hosting a rally and pep talk with the Tea Party darling and former vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Several thousand people from all over California had flocked to see her, packing out the auditorium even though it was the middle of a working day. The mood was triumphalist to say the least as Victor Cocchia, director of Liberty And Freedom, the group organising the event, warmed up the crowd. 'We have woken up and our voice is going to be heard,' he said to loud cheers. But there was no denying who the main attraction was. Palin was greeted with a deafening standing ovation right in the heart of California, a state that has been solidly Democratic since 1992."
- JP

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