Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 128

"So much for that 'Splitsville' fabrication" Edition...

Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"Todd Palin yelling at Joe Miller and defending Palin kinda puts the imminent Palin divorce thing in a different light, doesn’t it? So, the press is kinda in a double bind. Todd got in the face of some stalker at the airport. And now this email. Would a hateful husband do such a thing? And his wife is under constant threat. You’d think he’d be indifferent to 18 year old creepsters stalking his wife. Because, you know, the hate... There’s no concern among the media. They’re hounds who are looking to facilitate destruction, because they view Sarah Palin to be a threat."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"When it comes to the Palin Family the rule is always wait for the facts to come out in about 24 hours."
Matthew Bartlett at ONE Blog:
"Former Iowa State Senator Jeff Angelo had the opportunity to meet with Governor Sarah Palin while at a recent Iowa Republican Party dinner... Gov. Palin was very positive and told Sen. Angelo that she was well aware of President Bush’s leadership in Africa, and already knew about ONE, too! Gov. Palin also encouraged Sen. Angelo to visit with her husband Todd about ONE’s efforts to save millions of lives around the world."
Mr. Grey Ghost at Politik Ditto:
"Doesn't seem that [Meghan McCain] gets the irony in complaining about Sarah Palin when no one would care about her if it wasn't for her last name."
Unknown Conservative:
"Meghan, let me be frank: not everything is about you. That’s right. You’re not the center of the Universe... Maybe Sarah Palin gets more attention than you because she’s actually done more than you have? You know, she’s been a small business woman, been a mayor, been a governor, raised a bunch of kids, stayed married, and has really no problem speaking her mind despite the inevitable whining and moaning that follows after from spoiled-brat little idiots like you. What have you done in your 25 years of existence? Wrote a book that criticizes Republicans?"
Steve Markowitz at EnduringSense:
"A question for diehard Progressives: Does Sarah Palin really scare you more than these [10:10] folks?"
Kathleen McKinley:
"I bet Sarah Palin thanks God every day that she never had to hire a nanny. Gloria Allred would have already had that juicy client safe in a house in the Bahamas before Palin could have made her first national speech at the Republican National Convention. To feminists like Allred, the political agenda is so much more important than the idea that women should be allowed to work full time, AND be able to trust the women who take care of their children."
PFFV at Government Mess:
"I love Sarah Palin. I don't give a damn what the liberal mafia media and the leftist liars say about her."
John Ellis at Ellisblog!:
"Mr. Romney's legal advisor Ben Ginsburg... is quoted as saying: 'Whether Iowa goes first in 2012 is up for grabs in unprecedented fashion...' Here's a rough translation of what Ginsburg is really saying: 'Mitt doesn't want to run in Iowa because he did that in 2008, spent a ton of money and got hammered by some guy he'd never heard of (Huckabee) who spent about 1/10th of what Romney spent. In 2012, he's afraid that if he loses to Palin in Iowa, he will be much diminished going into New Hampshire and the not-Sarah vote will look elsewhere for a champion. So he would like for New Hampshire to be perceived as the nation's first true test of the GOP presidential primary/caucus season.' Good luck with that."
Gay Patriot:
"Well, Sarah Palin never called an audience dull..."
Mark Ross at East Bay Conservative:
"A serious grass roots political upheaval is building momentum just as a midterm referendum is coming to a vote... What is historically unique is that rather than a Goldwater, Buckley, Taft or Reagan igniting the flame… the broad base of the [Tea Party] movement is essentially leaderless. There is a pantheon of heroes and heroines. Sarah Palin’s 'Mamma Grizzlies' and Marco Rubio’s escape from totalitarian Cuba fit the narrative. But, you see, rugged individuals don’t need leaders… they just work to make themselves free and are willing to fight to stay that way."
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it about Sarah Palin. Refresh my memory — what exactly has Sarah Palin done to anyone?"
Greg Gutfeld at Big Hollywood:
"So... CNN launched the chat show Parker/Spitzer, starring turgid gargoyle Eliot Spitzer and grinning rom-con Kathleen Parker. In it, former cokehead Aaron Sorkin, to the delight of both hosts, called Sarah Palin an 'idiot...' Hilarious! How odd is it that a dude who paid thousands to denigrate women takes pleasure in other men denigrating women! And by odd, I mean, not surprising. Not to be outdone, the next day the perverse and perhaps insane director Oliver Stone waddled onto the same show and called Palin a moron, comparing her to Father Coughlin and the KKK.... So, yeah, there’s a theme here. Get a famous lib on and ask, 'what do you think of Sarah Palin?' Then chuckle like tumid lemur. The crap almost writes itself."
Doug Powers at The Powers that Be:
"The 'Parker Spitzer' show debuted on CNN Monday, and I think one strategy to increase ratings is to have on at least one leftist a night who is thrown the 'Sarah Palin' bait and letting the lib-in-question go into a feeding frenzy of name calling."
LEL at Fiery Spirited Zionist:
"Whoremonger Eliot Spitzer, [to whom] the desperate and pathetic folks at CNN gave a program... to host, viciously attacked Sarah Palin. He said she is ignorant, stunningly incompetent and meanspirited. It would seem as though Spitzer was projecting his own character traits upon Sarah. I have never heard a mean word uttered by Sarah Palin against anybody. All I hear from her is her optimism and love for America, and she is always very cheerful. Those liberal haters of Sarah Palin are the ones who display a stunning meanspiritedness and anger as well. As to Sarah's supposed incompetence, did Eliot Spitzer ever have an approval rating in the 80s when he was governor of NY? Sarah had that high an approval rating as Alaska governor."
- JP

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