Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 127

"CNN: An Acronym for 'Lamestream Media'" Edition...

Left Coast Rebel:
"Oliver Stone thinks that making a movie about Sarah Palin is the worst idea since the Ku Klux Klan, yet he found the time to film a Hugo Chavez propaganda treatise. As the people of Venezuela and other South American despot-ruled nations wallow in the misery of their prison-state nations, Stone's South of the Border shows their Dear Leaders under an approving light."
Jason at Story Balloon:
"Question.. if Stone is worried about giving Sarah Palin a platform.. where is that worry about giving the wannabe dictator Chavez power? Oliver Stone’s mustache is smarter than he is."
Scared Monkeys:
"Wow, something new and unusual from Oliver Stone and the liberal left media. NOT! During an interview with crazed Leftist director Oliver Stone, he said that Sarah Palin’s a Moron, Know-Nothing; Compares Her to KKK. Nice. My how the LEFT so fears Sarah Palin. They call her stupid, irrelevant and hateful, yet they cannot stop talking about her. One only does this with people [one fears] will be successful; if she was irrelevant, no one would ever utter her name. This is what CNN passes off as new and watchable cable news?"
Greta Van Susteren at Greta Wire:
"Should these two guys be laughing at former Governor Sarah Palin? A guy who runs around with hookers and the other who had a coke habit and was arrested for drugs?"
SamHenry at On My Watch:
"Aaron Sorkin couldn’t destroy Palin, but diminished CNN’s Parker-Spitzer... The end-result of ALL Palin-bashing has been to throw more attention on the power of Palin and, surprise, surprise – on the short-sighted lamestream media that is convinced that a blast in the hand is worth 2 or more headlines on the internet. That kind of PR idiocy is a double-edge sword that more often than not has seen the champion of the left end up impaled on his weapon."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"Genius Marketing Strategy: 'We’re stuck in the cable-news basement, so we want to imitate the obnoxious attitude of the No. 2 network as slavishly as possible. Except, instead of using a smirky young lesbian to bash Palin, we’ll do it with a disgraced politician and one of Chris Matthews’ least-popular occasional guests.'"
Meredith Dake at Big Journalism:
"I didn’t think it was possible, I don’t think anyone did, but it appears that CNN can and has done worse than Sanchez! It’s not like the bar was set that high, I mean really, it was Sanchez. Now we have faux-conservative Kathleen Parker who has an odd paranoia concerning Sarah Palin... Even more repellent than Parker’s unhealthy vitriol toward Palin is the lack of challenge to the most egregious, ill-informed and downright mean comments said about Palin — in the first two nights of the new Parker/Spitzer show... The real exposé in first two days of the Parker/Spitzer show has been that it’s not actually going to be about news. As of now, it looks like it’s going to be a bunch of Palin bashing and I’m sure the worn out talking points of the left being spewed on the show won’t end there."
The New Agenda:
"Kathleen Parker doesn’t have to worry about originality. She has spent the better part of the past two plus years smearing Sarah Palin... at The Washington Post. Now, apparently, she gets to do it at CNN... Anyone want to take the over/under on how long this show will last?"
Christopher Taylor at The Washington Examiner:
"To hear the left's elite tell it, conservatives are knuckle-dragging morons, scarcely able to fit a sentence together. Anyone on the right is an idiot, blown by the corporate winds of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, a puppet of the sinister vast right wing conspiracy. The left, on the other hand, is continuously touted as intelligent, sophisticated, learned, educated, and more intellectually capable. Consider the amusingly rigged studies which come from left leaning universities every year or so, telling us that any politician to the right of Fritz Mondale is either an idiot or insane. Any major conservative figure is declared stupid, whether President Reagan, Sarah Palin, or even someone only slightly conservative such as President Bush. The narrative is continuous and consistent: if you're on the right, you're stupid, uninformed, and easily swayed by advertising. Yet upon closer inspection, the opposite appears to be true. For example, listeners of the Rush Limbaugh show continually test high for knowledge of events and news, education level, and identifying significant world figures. On the other hand, as Charles Blow bemoans in a recent column, the left seems less educated and less informed than ever..."
Jennifer Caballero at Cubachi:
"We’ve seen it with Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, and Michele Bachmann, they drive liberals insane. But this really takes the cake. Tarryl Clark, Michele Bachmann’s democrat opponent, went beyond the bounds of decent language. In her new ad released yesterday, Clark accused Bachmann of 'not doing s****' for her district... Is Minnesota really going to vote in the female version of Al Franken? Help Michele Bachmann."
Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Café Blog Zone:
"This chilling story about a left-wing sicko threatening Sarah Palin still isn’t being widely reported by the statist-government-run media… If Palin were a liberal Democrat, the threats against her would be, no doubt, a headline on every newspaper in the country... No liberal journalist will manage to squeeze a drop of humanity or compassion from his or her stony-hard heart regarding Palin’s frightening plight… but they’ll dump it by the gallon for criminal illegal aliens, for Muslim extremists, or for rapists, perverts, and pedophiles, like director Roman Polanski... Disgusting. And it’s not the first time the Palin family has been threatened by liberal whackos, either."
Aurelius at Pundit Press:
"Grayson may see this as a battle he can win. Considering that this entire controversy started because he lied to the American people, something tells me that he should reconsider."
Matthew Archbold at Creative Minority Report:
"Critics of Sarah Palin are riotous, loud and angry but I've noticed that their criticisms vary so wildly that it sometimes seems impossible they're talking about the same woman. On one hand you have the criticism that she's a backwoods rube, a real idiot who is in so far over her head that she's a danger to the entire country. On the other hand you have the belief that she's an evil genius who is singlehandedly reviving long dead Nazism and mainstreaming it into 'Tea Party' conservatism and she's therefore a danger to the entire country... But while Palin's critics differ on so many things they all agree on one thing--Sarah Palin must be stopped. But they don't have any idea how to do it. And that scares them."
Da Techguy:
"If Sarah Palin announces for the Republican nomination she is the defacto front-runner. Democrats ought to be damn scared but some Republican establishment types are more scared."
KJ Kaufman at
"Initially, I was under the impression that the left slung its arrows at Palin because she was such a large threat to their ideology and was seriously threatening the success of the Obama campaign. To this day, I don’t think that initial assessment was that far off the mark, but it has morphed into much more than that. As Obama succeeded and was elected President, the hate against Sarah Palin did not subside. Why? ...The answers can be found in the following questions: is the person comfortable in her own skin, or stated another way, is the attacker happy with the choices she has made in her own life? ...Whatever one’s circumstances, those females who are comfortable with the life choices they have made tend to side with and like Sarah Palin. Those that hate Sarah Palin, probably participate in more projection then actual loathing of the woman."
- JP

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