Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marc Schenker: Sarah Palin's Warning

Excerpts from Marc Schenker's latest Examiner op-ed:
Sarah Palin is warning conservatives and Republicans that the Left will get more destructive as their poll numbers before the midterm elections continue to decrease. Speaking on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show last night, Palin appeared to give her analysis on what to do to fix the economy, how Republicans should handle the destructive smears from the Left before the midterms, and what the Republicans’ closing argument should be to make their case to voters. With pre-midterm polling data showing only increasing dominance on the Republican side and a wider gulf between who voters say they’ll choose, the Democrat Smear Machine is gearing up its ugly self in full force, mainly because Democrats have no record to run on. Insofar, they would rather resort to the politics of personal destruction than discuss why and how their party has screwed up the US in just a few short years.

With new and depressing polling numbers out from Gallup that show Democrats losing big time in both scenarios of high and low voter turnout, Palin’s warning to expect only the slimiest, dirtiest gutter-politics from the uncivil and hateful partisans on the Left is oh-so-true. There have already been increasing signs just in the last few weeks of this repulsive and worsening trend by the Party of No Ideas And Only Name-Calling (read: the Democrat Party).

Take the slanderous hit job that victimized the Republican candidate running in Florida’s 8th congressional district, Daniel Webster. The perpetrator of that hit job of a political ad was none other than the always-shameful Alan Grayson...

Yes, libs, she's not only read Rules for Radicals, Gov. Palin has had every tactic in the book used against her, her family and her friends. And she's not only still standing, she's still fighting and kicking your sorry backsides.

- JP

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