Wednesday, October 6, 2010

John Nolte unloads on Aaron Sorkin

With both barrels:
"What’s hilarious is how defensive Aaron Sorkin is at the very mention of Sarah Palin’s name. Obviously Mama Grizzly is so deep in Mr. West Wing’s head that he finds it necessary to defend his Americanism when no one asked (or cares). It is odd, though, how he uses his father’s resume to lay out the case for his American bona fides instead of listing his own selfless contributions to this great country of ours. But I guess, I made a gajillion dollars and spent it almost killing myself with illegal drugs at the Marmont, lacks the patriotic zing the moment requires."

"Who’s the idiot, again?"

"And I love how just before he trashes Palin with a quote taken completely out of context, Sorkin feels feverishly compelled to reassure everyone that 'The Social Network' isn’t political. Guess he’s smart enough to understand the box office fate of openly liberal films not starring smurfs these last few years."

"What a small, insecure little man. Someone should remind Sorkin that this fall, while he’s attending all the right parties to find all the right [backside] to kiss in the selfish pursuit of Oscar glory, Sarah Palin will be out there changing the face of America in ways Sorkin could only dream of as he was conjuring up his fantasy White House while sucking on the bad end of a crack pipe."
Come on John, stop pulling your punches. Tell us how you really feel.

- JP

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