Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joe Miller campaign: 'Hello, Voters'

Here's Joe Miller's new ad, "Hello Voters":

h/t: Story Balloon

The latest polling results from Rasmussen Reports show that the race for the U.S. Senate in Alaska may be tightening, although the pollster says, "Polling for write-in campaigns is always challenging, so results should be interpreted with caution."

Still, it wouldn't hurt to send the Miller campaign a donation, no matter how modest, if you can afford it. Murkowski is sitting on a huge campaign chest, and she is part of the problem, while Miller is part of the solution. Please join Gov. Palin in support of Joe Miller.

- JP

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  1. Go Sarah Go! I see the Alaska Daily News has erased all mention of Lisa's alleged drug use from the paper. Unbeliveable! They are so afraid of Joe Miller. He is still ahead I think by a couple of % points. It will be tight but hopefully the word will get out on Lisa more and all the crimes she committed will come out and she will go under for the last time.