Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CNN Uploads Wrong Photo After Pointing Out Palin Tweeted Wrong State

Just one day after the left and their media stooges made fools of themselves by mocking Sarah Palin for her "don't party like it's 1773 just yet" comment, the elitists at CNN thought it would be a good idea to again try to characterize her as ignorant for a Twitter typo she made. But things had already gone terribly wrong at the Clinton News Network, as HotAirPundit explains:
CNN posts this story: "West Virginia senate battle," there's one problem....

Umm, that would be John Kasich in the photo, not John Raese...

Again the left is bitten by its own attack dog of personal destruction.

- JP

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  1. JP was generous in calling CNN the Clinton News Network, but Bill and Hillary are just some specimens of the extreme radicals, socialists and communists that CNN champions. Perhaps Communist News Network better captures the ideological partisanship of CNN.