Monday, October 18, 2010

Andrew Malcolm: Palin pleads, don't tell Obama what comes after a trillion

Here are a few excerpts from Andrew Malcolm's take on Gov. Palin's electrifying speech in Anaheim this weekend:
Sarah Palin, that reputed Republican rebel who's supposed to be at odds with the national party, swung through California this past weekend to rouse Republicans at a Republican National Committee rally in Anaheim.


Palin seemed to be enjoying herself too in Anaheim, as part of a national RNC campaign tour that wraps up next Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, including an unusual chance to meet Palin for a photo.

The crowd packed into the Anaheim ballroom began chanting Sarah's name Saturday while the band was still playing "Journey" songs.


(A growing number of news reports indicate many Democrats already believe they have lost control of the House, will suffer badly in the Senate and in control of governor's offices. A new Associated Press/Knowsledge Network Poll released early today shows many 2008 Obama supporters are disspirited and peeling away from him in dismay over a lack of promised change.)

As Steele moved toward introducing the day's special you-know-who guest from Alaska, the roar of the crowd grew along with the cellphone camera flashes.

In our opinion, it was one of her best performances as an orator. Not quite on a par with her RNC acceptance speech, but surely one of her top five speeches.

- JP

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