Friday, August 6, 2010

Surber: Sarah Palin is the most important person in the 2010 election

In his Friday Charleston Daily Mail column, Don Surber comments on Arianna Huffington's admission earlier this week that the left should take Sarah Palin seriously:
Sarah Palin is the most important person in this election — eclipsing the president, who is forced to sit on the sidelines and hope the voters don’t beat his party too badly.

This is her test. Her surrogates are on the ballot everywhere and their victories — or losses — will reflect on her viability as a presidential candidate.


The Left sensed from Day One that Sarah Palin is the biggest threat to their stealth socialism.

This was why they targeted her early and made it hip to knock her.

This is proving to be their biggest mistake as she bounces off the canvas and hits back. Harder. The Left just made her the biggest underdog in American political history.

Sarah Palin should thank Tina Fey because in the long run, Sarah Palin is getting the last laugh.

The Left cannot refudiate her with ridicule because the American people see snark for what it is. (Which is why Robert Gibbs is such a terrible press secretary; Americans love humor but hate mocking.)


Republicans, our leader is alive and living in Wasilla, Alaska.

Deal with it.
Surber says that Arianna "gets it." As we have pointed out, however, though she may get the "what" of Palin Power, Huffinton is clueless on the "why." Surber trumps Arianna's charge that Gov. Palin is light on policy, with Obama Girl and the Obama campaign's reliance on the slogan of "Hope and Change." In fact, Obama's campaign was always more about feelgood sloganism than it ever was about policy. What little mention of policy there was from the Democrat was mostly blaming Bush and making a long string of promises as a candidate that he would break as president.

Read the full Surber column here.

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  1. Did you notice he used the word "refudiate"? Sarah is going to be a much bigger deal than Reagan because she has to deal with a much bigger animal in Washington. Thank God she's used to dealing with grizzles.