Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gov. Palin: Restoring Honor rally was 'inspirational'

Politico caught up with Gov. Palin as she made her way through Reagan National Airport for a departing flight after speaking at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally on the Natonal Mall.
Holding her BlackBerry up with one hand, she lamented that The Associated Press had only pegged attendance as "tens of thousands."

Asked if there were more than 100,000 people there, Palin said: "Oh yeah."

Smiling broadly, the former governor described the event as inspirational and good-naturedly chided a reporter for not attending.

Told that there was some chatter online about the prospect of a Palin-Beck presidential ticket, she laughed and said: "We like what we're doing now."

Palin was joined by her mother and a small coterie of private security guards dressed in business suits and with earpieces.
On Twitter right after the rally, she had mentioned the inspirational nature of the gathering:
"Thank you, fellow Americans, for coming from such great distances & at such effort to seek & find inspiration! So glad to share today w you!"
According to Politico, the first woman to be the vice presidential candidate of the Republican Party was recognized by only a few people in the airport terminal. The sunglasses and Oklahoma Sooners t-shirt the governor was wearing must have allowed her to go incognito. Memo to self: Send Gov. Palin a Texas Aggies t-shirt ASAP!

On a more serious note, word of that security team traveling with the governor is just what many of her supporters needed to know. Still, Sarah Palin and her family remain in our prayers. May God protect the Palins from harm and evil while blessing them with good health, happiness and prosperity.

- JP


  1. Yay! JP, Send that t-shirt! But, be aware, simply wearing that t-shirt will draw more attention to the person wearing it...

  2. Yeah, even though I'm an Arkansas alum, I'm an Aggie fan, too. This is only a problem one day out of each year when the Razorbacks and A&M meet up in Dallas.

    - JP