Thursday, June 9, 2011

'The Undefeated' slated for national release July 15 (Updated)

“I think this primary needs a full representation from the tea party”
Andy Barr reports that "The Undefeated," the major documentary about Sarah Palin, will be released across the country after it premieres later this month in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina:
But first it will need to be scaled back: the current version contains so much profanity — mostly from comedians and pundits cursing about Palin – as well as violent file footage of war used to portray the attacks against Palin as particularly savage, that it does not yet have a rating. At a press screening in Washington on Thursday, director Steve Bannon said he’ll aim for a PG-13 final cut, though he hopes to release the film as it currently stands via pay-per-view and video to give Palin diehards fans the original.

The film highlights parts of Palin’s resume that made her a compelling choice for John McCain’s presidential campaign. The movie’s theme is her improbable rise from Wasilla mom to governor of the state – and the out of nowhere nature is what has always made Palin such an intriguing political figure. And though Bannon acknowledged that Palin in fact had a several losses on her political career, he said the film’s title reflects that “the values are what is undefeated.”


Though the context is sometimes lacking, Bannon’s portrait is accurate, with glowing comments attached.

“Like a marine, she runs toward danger,” the friendly conservative radio host Tammy Bruce says of Palin. Breitbart meanwhile portrays men in the Republican establishment as “eunuchs” for failing to defend Palin from criticism.

In addition to the theatrical release, Bannon is also hoping to take “The Undefeated” to retail – he’s eying Wal-Mart as a major distributor. “If you look at the Wal-Mart customer, she’s relatable,” Bannon said.

The nationwide release seems certain, according to a tweet by The Atlantic's Joshua Green, which reveals that a "Major theater chain will announce Palin film distribution deal tomorrow a.m., sez Palin filmmaker."

Gov. Palin will not make money off of the film, but she may realize rewards for it in the political realm. Bannon, on the other hand, is counting on "The Undefeated" to turn a profit for his investors, saying “Absolutely, we’re capitalists.”

If you haven't done so already, please follow "The Undefeated" via Facebook and on Twitter. A website will be launched soon.

Update: Dave Weigel reports that Steve Bannon has disclosed the release date as July 15:
The movie now has a distributor, Cinedyne, and its ad campaign will start up next week.

"Every day next week, there'll be another announcement," said Bannon. "Look, this is not Batman: This is going to have to be smart. There are going to be radio ads, newspaper ads, Internet ads."
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