Friday, June 10, 2011

SarahPAC calls out Politico for fabricated false quote

A total fabrication yet deliberately written to appear as a legitimate direct quote
Politico has been caught red-handed attributing this false quote to Sarah Palin:
“I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else,” she said.
No, she did not, and SarahPAC called them out on it:
Setting the Record Straight: About False Quotes Attributed to Gov. Palin

An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.”
- JP


  1. There were not quotes around the text. So its NOT a direct quote.

  2. Yes, there WERE direct quotes around the text in question in the original article. Politico scrubbed the quote when they revised it. And, if you read their mea culpa at the bottom, Politico ADMITS they falsely attributed the quote to Gov. Palin. Nice try, though.

    - JP

  3. even so, if the text surrounding the "quote" was the same, it doesnt read as a direct quote from here, hece the word hallmark. But my mistake I didnt see the original article

  4. This is JOUR 101 stuff. In the original Politico article the paragraph read verbatim:

    Palin’s bus tour had some of the hallmarks of a primal scream: “I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else,” she said. Looking at it through her eyes, she has a point.

    Now when you put something in quotes and follow it with the words "she said," and that person didn't not say it, you are falsely attributing.

    Case closed.

    - JP