Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sarah Palin 'would love to give the White House fits'

"I would love to give the White House fits... I would love to stir it up even more."

Sarah Palin made an appearance on Fox Business' "Freedom Works" Thursday evening. When host Judge Andrew Napolitano remarked that she had created quite a “stir” with her recent bus tour and that her entry into the presidential race would be "a game changer," she said that she "would love to stir it up even more." Still, she said the way she resonates with the public everywhere she goes is not about her, bur rather about about her message.

The governor was mildly critical of the GOP presidential contenders and their performance in this week's debate in New Hampshire, saying she would like to see the candidates being more assertive in calling one another out on their records. However, she made it clear that "anybody but Obama" would be an improvement over the current president. "Things cannot get any worse under a Republican administration."

Asked by Judge Napolitano whether she felt vindicated when the salivating media found nothing in her recently released emails they could use against her, she replied:
"I hope folks who read the emails learned a lot about energy independence, fish and game conservation, protecting second amendment rights, why I opposed Obama’s stimulus package. I hope folks learned a lot from these benign and boring emails but it showed a picture of what my priorities were, with a servant’s heart, trying to serve the people of Alaska. I knew there was nothing to hide because I know what I have done over these years. There are some things in the emails that I thought provided some vindication like why I killed the bridge to nowhere. Hopefully it just shed some more light into my ideology."
Gov. Palin also disclosed that she believes Michele Bachmann is prepared to be President, but perhaps gave a hint of her own intentions when she added that she is "convinced the field isn’t set. Other people will jump in."

On the impending resignation of embattled Congressman Anthony Weiner, who announced today that he would step down from the House of Representatives, Gov. Palin got in a little zinger with the observation that the Democrat "was going to be rendered impotent" in Congress because of the scandal and was not going to be effective. She said his announcement was a "day late" and a "dollar short," and he should have resigned "when all of this came to light." Weiner had been harshly critical of Gov. Palin in the past, even to the point of saying that her "gun-sight imagery" could incite violence against Democrats. The now-disgraced and soon to be ex-Congressman didn't mention the use of bulls eye symbols on a DLC map titled "Targeting Strategy."

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