Thursday, June 16, 2011

LaDonna Hale Curzon: A Film About the Real Sarah Palin

The McCain campaign never properly introduced Gov. Palin to the American public.
Ladonna Hale Curzon, Executive Produce of Sarah Palin Radio, recalls in an opinion piece at Big Government that a Republican strategist friend of hers had repeatedly advised the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008 to run informational ads about their vice presidential candidate to introduce Gov. Palin to the American public. She had, after all, an 88 percent approval rating in Alaska and a compelling story to be told about her strong family background and record as a reformer.

But the McCain team, in a disastrous strategical failure, ignored that advice and allowed the leftist media to define Sarah Palin, with predictable results. Curzon believes the reason the McCain people did not properly introduce her to voters is because the Alaskan governor was casting a shadow so large that McCain couldn't avoid standing in it. We believe she is correct. Gov. Palin was drawing larger crowds than McCain could manage to do in their separate rallies, and in joint appearances, many fans were walking out of the venues while McCain was speaking after the Alaskan had delivered her "warm-up" address. Although McCain, publicly at least, appeared not to mind being upstaged by his running mate, his campaign aides were said to be livid about it:
After “Going Rogue” was published, I shared this information with Palin’s spokesman Meg Stapleton. We both agreed that “A View from Alaska” written by Alaskan Dewey Whetsell (that appears at the end of “Going Rogue”) was exactly the information the public needed in order to know the real Sarah Palin.

Whetsell, a retired firefighter, nailed it in describing Palin’s achievements. Even though he had never met Palin, he felt compelled to write about her accomplishments on his blog. He was angry about how she had been smeared by the media, so he wrote the truth as he knew it. It quickly went viral in the Alaskan blogosphere and ended up in Palin’s mega, best-selling book “Going Rogue.”

However, because there had been no TV ads about Palin during the Presidential campaign, the media had an unopposed opportunity to portray her as they saw fit. Thus, in the end, their perversions beat out the truth. But now, Stephen Bannon’s biographical documentary titled “The Undefeated” is set to reverse these lies and give the truth its rightful place once more by introducing the real Sarah Palin to Americans who may have bought into the media hype.


“The Undefeated” is a moving documentary about a woman from Wasilla who has risen to great heights on her own merits unlike most politicians, who have family connections one way or another.

Palin, like her role model, Ronald Reagan, came from humble beginnings, was blessed with brains and believed in God Almighty and the United States of America. Palin, like Reagan, was ridiculed unmercifully by the media and Establishment elites; she continues to be ridiculed to this day.

That Dewey Whetsell blog post about Gov. Plain's accomplishments is here. A list of theaters confirmed for the July 15 debut of "The undefeated" is here. Check here beginning Monday for ticket information. Cast your vote here to have "The Undefeated" premiere at your local theater.

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