Friday, June 3, 2011

Nolte: Politico's latest 'astonishingly childish' attack on Palin

beep beep
You can tell how successful the first leg of Gov. Palin's One Nation Tour has been by the level of desperation Politico and its Obamaunist media fellow travelers have shown in attacking her over it. Read Big Journalism Editor John Nolte's chronicle of the lamestreamers' last attempt -- a rather cartoonish effort worthy of only Wyle E. Coyote -- to destroy the woman:
The MSM whips up nonsense-narratives like this in order to drown out Palin’s message and to forever ensure she’s never taken seriously.

Will it work?

Not so sure this time.

For starters, no one likes a crybaby who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions. Palin didn’t ask the corrupt MSM to chase after her. They chose to suck her exhaust. And if their feelings are all bruised because she’s not feeding their pathetic sense of entitlement with her itinerary – that’s something they should’ve thought of before they spent three years trying to destroy her.

The second reason this absurd narrative is likely to backfire is because no one likes a rat.

Going over the speed limit? *gasp*

Not using a turn signal? *egads*

The subtext in this astonishingly childish article is the pathetic sound of someone pouting.

Sorry MSM, but it’s a whole new world, and the people you choose to destroy with lies, nonsense, and even their own children no longer need you to get their message out.

The Palins should get one of those "beep beep" horns like those that were standard equipment on the famous Plymouth Roadrunner muscle cars of the late 1960s and 1970s, and install it on the One Nation Tour bus. When the coyote heard that sound, he just knew that a long fall from a high cliff was in his immediate future.

- JP

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