Friday, June 3, 2011

CNN's Kurtz beclowns himself while trying to cheap shot Gov. Palin

Health care mandates are distinctly different from auto insurance mandates
NewsBuster Noel Sheppard caught CNN's Howard Kurtz in the act of trying to cheap-shot Governor Palin with a tweet:
Unfortunately, the joke's on him for his mocking of the former vice presidential candidate conveyed to his 73,000 followers his own total ignorance of insurance mandates:

How addle-minded.

What folks like Kurtz conveniently ignore is states that have car insurance mandates don't require all of their citizens to own cars.

As such, it is not a mandate to purchase car insurance. It is a mandate to purchase car insurance only if you own and drive an automobile.

This is a distinction media members like Kurtz for some reason can't grapple with.

Beyond this, in states with such requirements, the car owner is mandated to purchase liability insurance only. This insures that if the driver inflicts medical or property damage upon another individual with his/her automobile, he/she has insurance to cover those damages.

However, states do not require car owners to purchase collision or comprehensive insurance which covers damages to one's own health and property.

This is another important distinction, for the individual mandate associated with ObamaCare is a requirement for people to insure health risks to themselves not others.

We love the smell of media hubris in the morning. It smells like... victory!

- JP

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