Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 304

Special "Season of the Witch Hunt" Edition

The Editors of Investor's Business Daily:
“The New York Times and Washington Post have asked their readers' help in scouring 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's governorship, released Friday. They hate her — really hate her. Imagine a newspaper in 2008 asking readers' help in perusing Barack Obama's emails as U.S. senator and Illinois state senator. Or for that matter, help in unearthing his college records. The howls from ‘mainstream’ journalists and Democratic politicians would have been deafening. But a private citizen conducting a bus tour across the country — Palin is not a candidate, let's not forget — is fair game for a mob witch hunt... The vendetta also shows how fearful the establishment media are of a Palin presidency. Apparently they don't share the view of so many that she has no chance of beating President Obama next year. A charismatic female leader and mother who is conservative across the board — whose opposition to abortion is backed up by the presence of a special-needs son — spells trouble for the social revolution unleashed in the '60s.”
Erika Johnsen, at's The Tipsheet:
“The NYT and WaPo issued invitations to the general public to help them sift through the e-mails and nitpick at details in the epic quest to drag Sarah Palin through the dirt; basically, a big, enthusiastic, ‘Come join the witch-hunt!’ Get ready for some hardcore pathetic Palin-bashing, people...”
Sheri Urban, at Real Feminist:
“The New York Times and Washington Post raised eyebrows this week by hiring a bunch of additional staff to go through every snippet of Sarah Palin’s emails as Governor – even asking the public to help them sift through every last syllable... The Los Angeles Times announced it would be putting up an ‘online database’ of this supposed treasure trove of correspondence from 2006 through her naming as John McCain’s running mate in 2008... Curiously though, this same L.A. Times has – for 3 years running – repeatedly, despite numerous requests, refused to release a video it possesses of Barack Obama reportedly praising Palestinian radical Rashid Khalidi at 2003 Chicago dinner. The same Khalidi who has called Israel a ‘racist’ state and who called suicide attacks a justified response to ‘Israeli aggression’. The same Khalidi who organized a 2000 fundraiser for Barack Obama’s unsuccessful congressional bid, and whose Arab American Action Network received a $75,000 grant from the Woods Fund of Chicago, while Mr. Obama served on its board. Yes, THAT Rashid Khalidi, the lavish praise for whom by then-candidate and now-President Barack Obama the L.A. Times apparently finds less relevant than Sarah Palin’s emails sending Merry Christmas wishes, or updating staff on the latest techniques in waste management.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“LA Times Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails”
Stanley Kurtz, at NRO's The Corner:
“The deafening roar of nothingness emerging from the Sarah Palin email trove points up the media’s hypocritical lack of interest in Barack Obama’s pre-presidential record. Just as Palin’s emails were released, Slate’s David Weigel pointed out that Barack Obama’s State Senate records are not available. Weigel quotes Obama’s statement to the effect that he didn’t have the staff or financial resources to preserve office paperwork. As a result, Obama claims, his State Senate records may have been thrown out. In fact, Obama could easily have preserved his State Senate records had he wanted to. The papers of many Illinois legislators are preserved at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. I know, because I went through many a box there.”
“Here’s what we’ve learned so far from Palin’s e-mail... Sarah Palin did not start her career in a domestic terrorist’s living room like Bill Ayers!”
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“We've learned that having unexpectedly upset the state's entrenched, aged Republican political establishment as an anti-corruption reformer, Palin is suspicious of signs of opposition forming in those wings, including the state's congressional delegation, which includes the daughter of the man she ousted. We've learned that Palin talked with Newt Gingrich but soured on that relationship; welcome to that club... And we now know that Palin paid for her daughters' tanning bed.”
John Hinderaker, at Power Line:
“Palin has her faults, but she is a serious participant in the national dialogue on the key issues of our time. The New York Times and the Washington Post, in contrast, are frivolous rags with little or nothing of substance to offer.”
Molly Ball, at Politico:
“Reporters lined up in Juneau and in front of computers across the country spent the afternoon poring over 24,000 newly released emails from Sarah Palin’s first year and a half as governor, hoping for a bombshell. But none immediately emerged... ‘The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Governor Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state,’ Tim Crawford, treasurer of Sarah PAC, said in an email. ‘The emails detail a Governor hard at work. Everyone should read them.’”
Mark Finkelstein, at Newsbusters:
“'Creepy': Early Show Guests Rip MSM's Palin-Email Goosechase”
Rachel Weiner, at The Washington Post:
“Not long after she announced her fifth pregnancy, Sarah Palin faced rumors that it was her daughter Bristol who was having the child — Trig Palin, who was born on April 18, 2008. That falsehood sprung up again months later, during the 2008 presidential campaign, and it has continued to circulate on blogs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The e-mails released Friday show that the rumors began very early on. On April 6, 2008, Palin wrote staffers and her husband, Todd, ‘Sounds like The Bristol rumor was started and continues via Lyda’s office,’ a reference to then-state Senate President Lyda Green (R), a frequent antagonist of the Alaska governor’s administration.”
Greta Van Susteren, at GretaWire:
“Why didn’t the media look at her record before they formed their collective opinion?”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“An AP article appearing in the Cedar Rapids Gazette [spun] this event, ‘And potential candidate Sarah Palin again lent a circus atmosphere to the entire GOP family — this time indirectly — when Alaska released thousands of pages of emails from her days as governor.’ Let’s make it clear who created the circus atmosphere. It was the media who demanded the emails... I think the entire thing is insane, and the actual story here is not what the media finds in the emails, it is the media conduct in the whole thing. The Washington Post and The New York Times are hiring people to help sift through the emails. You can see their priorities here because I find it strange that they didn’t do this with the Obamacare bill. Had they done so perhaps Nancy Pelosi would have known what was in it. But hey, why waste resources on a bill that impacts 1/6 of our economy?”
Jim Treacher, at The DC Trawler:
“It’s a good thing all these reporters and their crowdsourced assistants are sorting through all this stuff, or we’d never know about Palin’s completely unfounded suspicions that the media is obsessed with getting her.”
Whitney Pitcher, at Little Blog on the Prairie:
“As Governor Palin once said in an interview, ‘if it wasn't for double standards, some liberals wouldn't have standards.’ The entire process of the email inquiry only further affirms the hypocrisy of an increasingly irrelevant Old Media. Despite the best efforts of these newspapers and their shrinking readership, the revelations of these emails have likely left a deflated media feeling much like Geraldo Rivera after his special on Al Capone's vault or Andree McLeod after yet another frivolous ethics complaint was dismissed. Additionally, this only further confirms that Governor Palin is indeed the anti-Illinois politician. She strove to truly make her administration as transparent as possible by ridding the state of the crony capitalism and corruption of the past. She budgeted frugally and prudently. How many other governors even had the opportunity to receive emails from his or her constituents with suggestions and thoughts on what to do with a state surplus?”
“Excerpts of Palin's e-mails: ‘Pray for mama's strength’...”
Gina Dalfonzo, at Big Journalism:
“It’s just possible, in fact, that the media may have created the perfect immune system for their least favorite candidate in any future election in which she might run. Crying wolf too many times can mean that the next time you do it, people simply refuse to listen any more... In the end, it all comes down to one question: Is the American electorate willing to let the American media think for them, make their decisions for them, and instruct them on how to vote and why, from now on? If Sarah Palin’s campaign for vice president and the media’s battle to ‘bring her down’ has taught us anything, it is this: On the answer to that question hangs our country’s future.”
Michael Brick, at The Daily:
“No Smoking Gun”
American Glob:
“Shocker! Palin Emails Show She Distrusts The Very People Who Are Scouring Her Emails For Dirt On Her... How shocking. Why would Sarah Palin distrust the media? Is it because they dispatched an army of ‘reporters’ to Wasilla, Alaska to dig for dirt on her about five minutes after John McCain announced her as his running mate? Remember, this new ‘investigation’ of Palin’s emails is brought to you by the same American media that refused to even look at the John Edwards story until they were shamed into covering it by the National Enquirer. Can you really blame her for this?”
Rob Port, at The Say Anything Blog:
“I’m beginning to think that this email release, far from being trouble for Palin, will be the best example yet of just how unfairly she’s been covered by the media.”
William Teach, at Pirate's Cove:
“But, really, how dare Palin become defensive when people are attacking her family, attacking her Downs Syndrome child, making up things about her family, engaging in Triggerism, and looking for ways to personally destroy her? Of course, ‘thin skin’ and ‘grudge-keeping’ means that Palin has refused to take any sh*t from the Left, from Obama, and, more importantly to Molly Ball, the media. Palin is playing the game by her own rules, and the media does. Not. Like. It... Personally, I think this whole investigative line could end up backfiring on the Palin Haters: Americans tend not to like citizens being abused by the media, and people will see that for all this Palin attention, there is no scandal in the emails. And all this attention raises her stature, and will cause people to pay attention to Palin’s actual policy stances. As John at Powerline writes, this is another embarrassment for the legacy media.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“I'll tell you, this is all going to end up backfiring on these people. It's just too much. You watch. Don't doubt me on this.”
Downstate Illinois Advocate:
“I would hope the average voter will begin to realize that that the Sarah Palin they know is nothing more than a media constructed and erected cardboard cutout caricature of who Sarah Palin actually happens to be. More importantly, the media has egg on its face *again* and this time it could help propel the one person they hate the most into the White House. If Palin uses this story to her advantage... she has the platform to re-introduce herself to voters and the GOP, while the media's blatant hate for her begins to seem like a vendetta than reporting news. In addition, the media seems to have stepped in it as their drive to find dirt on Sarah Palin may have just helped hand her the tools she needs to re-enter the ‘mainstream’. As I see it and despite the polls right now, if Palin were to enter the GOP race, it would be between her and Tim Pawlenty for the nomination... I'm wondering what a Palin-Pawlenty ticket might be able to accomplish... I'm not on board with the Palin bus quite yet... but the Palin email release and the media's inability to find the dirt to back up the media's relentless claims and bias against her may have just helped her push to win the nomination if she decides she wants to take a run at it. At the very least, the lack of anything substantive within the Palin emails and the subsequent media embarrassment has raised my eyebrows and now has me willing to take another look at her going into the next election cycle.”
Sean Curnyn, at The Cinch Review:
“If I worked for the NY Times/Washington Post/LA Times or the rest of them—even in the mailroom—I’d truly be embarrassed today. That is, even more than usual.”
Stacy Drake, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“After the media spent so much time and effort, they discovered no ‘bombshells,’ which of course they were hoping for all along. To save face, the media has now begun an effort to spin any small excerpt from the emails to try and damage Governor Palin any way they can, just as we predicted they would do... They have begun to pick out a sentence here and a sentence there in an effort to substantiate previous memes they themselves created or borrowed from far-left bloggers. What the press does not realize is that they’ve exposed their own pathetic bias. By taking part in this witch-hunt, the media exposed themselves as nothing more than a politically driven, organized group of DNC opposition researchers. The media is cherry-picking small excerpts to highlight, but they are leaving the bulk of the 24,199 pages out of their reports. That’s where you come in…”
- JP

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