Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lifson: Are the media enameling Sarah Palin with Teflon®?

American Thinker Editor Thomas Lifson theorizes that the media's Alaskan email fiasco could backfire on them so badly that it could have the effect of virtually applying a coat of Teflon® to her, thereby enhancing her presidential prospects. The media, by "examining every document for something -- anything! -- to use as a gotcha" to take down Gov. Palin, says Lifson, is making its extreme hostility toward the former governor and vice presidential candidate transparent to all.
As the nation hurtles toward the 2012 election, inevitably a referendum on Obama's term in office, with the public deeply disappointed in the change already brought to fruition in the "fundamental transformation" of our country promised by the president, the media once again displays its double standards. More specifically, where Sarah Palin is involved, the public now can see with clarity that the mission of the legacy media is search and destroy.

Many claim that Sarah Palin is "damaged goods," that her "brand" has been irretrievably tarnished, and that she would be hopeless as a presidential nominee, should she decide to enter the race.

But the very media outlets that mocked her, and convinced the public that she is stupid, are themselves looking stupid. More to the point, the look like bullies. They also look very disappointed that they haven't been able to come up with much.


The American public loves underdogs and despises bullies. Polls asking the public about various occupations inevitably find that politicians and media rank near the bottom in terms of credibility and likability. President Clinton and his attack dogs recognized that the impeachment-minded GOP House could be demonized, in effect spray painting him with Teflon® against their attack.

One can at least wonder if something of the same process might be at work with Mrs. Palin. She has demonstrated time and again an ability to confound her haters with unorthodox tactics, turning their fury back against them. The feeding frenzy in Juneau offers her another opportunity to turn the tables on those who seek to destroy her.

It would indeed be sweet irony if the same media which has been trying to destroy Sarah Palin for nearly three years may, by overreaching, find itself largely responsible for undoing the same damage it inflicted upon Gov. Palin. The irony could only be made sweeter if she runs for the White House and wins the race.

Don't change a thing that you're doing, lamestreamers. Keep up the bad work.

- JP

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