Sunday, June 5, 2011

Matt Lewis: ‘The Undefeated’ could be a game-changer for Gov. Palin

"This movie works because hers is, in essence, a terrific underdog story."
Daily Caller columnist Matt Lewis is one of the select few invited by filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon to screen his new Sarah Palin documentary "The Undefeated." Lewis was so impressed with the movie that he predicts it could be "a real game-changer" for Gov. Palin’s presidential prospects, provided enough people see the film:
Aside from being well-produced, this film does a few things really well — all of which could make an impact if Palin runs for president.

First, it reminds you why you fell in love with Sarah Palin the first time. A lot of conservatives were tremendously excited when she was selected as John McCain’s running mate — and were even more smitten after her rousing GOP convention speech in Minneapolis. Over time, however, some conservatives fell off the bandwagon — partly because of the McCain campaign’s mishandling, partially because of the media’s portrayals, and partly for good reason. This film captures the emotional response — the hope and excitement — many Americans felt when she was selected. Don’t be surprised if some folks even tear up during the convention speech scene.

Putting emotion aside, the second thing this film does well is make the logical case for Palin to be taken seriously. Viewers who have never read “Sarah from Alaska” or “Going Rogue” may learn for the first time just how good she was as governor.


The film also does a good job explaining why Palin decided to step down. She lost a lot of folks when she made that decision — and the movie does a very good job of explaining her rationale.

Finally, Lewis says "The Undefeated" works in Gov. Palin's favor because hers is "a terrific underdog story," and Americans like to cheer for an underdog, especially one whose story is as compelling as that of Sarah Palin. He even compares it to "Rocky," and characterizes her comeback story as "great theater."

Palin supporters, by the way, can follow "The Undefeated" on social media. There's already lively conversation taking place on The Undefeated Facebook page here, and the Twitterati can follow @PalinUndefeated here. A web page for the documentary film is also under construction and should be rolled out soon.

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