Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gov. Palin Talks Policy and Politics on 'Fox News Sunday'

She would go the opposite direction from where Obama and the Dems have been on their watch.
On the Wallace Watch blog of Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, researcher Lori Martin has summarized Gov. Palin's appearance on the Sunday morning program. We have some excerpts from her post:
Reacting to the recent string of bad economic news, Palin said the Obama “administration has got to be honest and candid with the American public” and criticized their policies up until now.

“Bottom line is their plan for bigger government, more federal control over our private sector, more regulations and burdensome mandates on the people and our businesses, it’s not working and we do need to shift gears and change course. And it’s very noble of President Obama to want to stay at the helm and maybe go down with this sinking ship.”

What would a “President Palin” do?

“I would go the opposite direction of what these Democrats and President Obama have already tried in his two-and-a-half years. What President Palin would do is cut the federal budget, making sure that we’re not crowding out private sector investment. We will cut that spending. We have no choice. We’re going broke. We’re going bankrupt. We have absolutely no choice.”

The former governor of Alaska added that she thinks one of the most important things that can be done to help the economy is “unleashing our domestic energy production opportunities… Energy is the key to prosperity, to security.”

Addressing one of the pressing issues on Washington’s calendar this summer, Palin said that while she does believe the debt limit is going to be raised, if she was a member of Congress, her vote would be no.

We will have video up of Gov. Palin's FNS appearance as soon as Fox News posts it.

- JP

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