Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Warner Todd Huston: Left Decries Palin’s Stalker… Or Not

"I'm waiting for that sincere national dialog from the left"
Last month, Shawn Christy, the troubled young man who has a history of stalking Gov. Palin, flew from Pennsylvania to Anchorage, Alaska just to show that no restraining order is going to cramp his style. Warner Todd Huston comments on the stalker turning up only 50 miles from the Palin home in Alaska:
He has been talking about "tracking her down" at book signings, falsely claimed he's had a sexual relationship with her, and has sent the Palins copies of receipts of his gun purchases. So, now I am waiting for the leftists that immediately began to blame the shooting on Gabrielle Giffords on "violent right-wing rhetoric" to point to the violent left-wing rhetoric that would cause a teenager to buy guns (and send the receipt to Palin), send threatening emails, make threatening phone calls, call himself Palin's "magic enemy," and ultimately set out to threaten her at her home...


I'm waiting for that sincere national dialog from the left. Waaaaaiting….

Naturally, we have to turn to foreign press to hear the story as the US press didn't make much noise about the stalker Shawn Christy, 19, from Pennsylvania.

Christy had spent months emailing Palin's offices with vague threats as well as calling them on the phone. It got to the point where Palin and Palin family friend friend Kristan Cole took out a restraining order against Shawn "your magic enemy" Christy. The Palins were alarmed early in February when Christy took a flight to Anchorage, Alaska for an odd 30-hour visit.


He sounds dangerous, doesn't he? He sounds like a nut, doesn't he?

So where is the left proclaiming that the reason for his unhinged behavior is violent left-wing rhetoric? Where is your “New Tone” now?

- JP

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