Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 234

"Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration" Edition

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"Judd Gregg Succumbs to Palinphobia... In a column for The Hill, the former New Hampshire senator surveys the 2012 GOP presidential primary field and confronts his dread fear that You-Know-Who might win the nomination... For crying out loud, Republicans, stop doing this! In what alternative universe does it make sense for prominent Republicans and conservative pundit to publicly declare that the GOP’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate — clearly one of the favorites of the party’s grassroots — is a guaranteed hopeless loser in 2012? Who does that help, besides Obama? ... Even if Palin isn’t your first choice for 2012... these public outbursts of Palinphobia are unseemly and counterproductive, unless it is your goal to ensure Obama’s re-election."
Da Techguy:
"It isn’t a case of Palin Phobia; it’s a case of Gregg doing legwork for another GOP candidate so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty with a grass-roots that won’t forgive or forget."
Candance at Fellowship of the Minds:
"It’s one thing to disagree with former governor Sarah Palin on matters of policy. It’s another thing entirely to attack her as an Al Sharpton wannabe and then make a condescending joke about her feminine looks. But if you work at the Weekly Standard, that kind of analysis is apparently acceptable... Of course [Matt Labash] didn’t have the guts to actually print that in the Weekly Standard, so he blabbed it to writers at Politico and let that website run with it... I wonder if Mary Katherine Ham is proud of her colleagues talking like this about a woman."
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"I expect cheap shots at Sarah Palin from Politico... But I do not expect name calling and cheap tricks from The Weekly Standard. Yet Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard is Politico's newest best source of anti-Palin quotes..."
Ross Calloway at The Lunch Counter:
"Sarah Palin is nothing like what has been all too common for those ‘old’ conservatives. Their inability or unwillingness, maybe both, to stand up to unfair criticism, to stand up to media bashing, and to not lose focus on the conservative message. All of which Bush, McCain and the so-called blue blood or establishment republicans are guilty of. They feel threatened... Again, look how standing up for principles and conservative values are interpreted. As ‘frequent appeals to victimhood and group grievance.’ It is not her fault that the media and the Left frequently single her out. Well, in a sense it is her fault. They single her out because she is so effective. And because she is so effective, they consider her to be the biggest threat to their liberal agenda."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"The media hits on Palin [Monday], all in one swoop, seem a little too coordinated if you ask me."
Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"This is a last ditch effort on the part of the 'conservative' elites to take down Sarah Palin. Anyone on the right who thinks that running another smear campaign against her will work are idiots. In all of their "intellectual capacity," they have not learned from their political bedmate liberals that the symptoms of Palin Derangement Syndrome more negatively affect those who are afflicted with it than it does their target. The PDS inflicted walk around with the sores of being exposed as the negative disillusioned naysayers that they always were. They fight it; but Palin's political muscles are conditioned and strengthened beyond any fear the intellectual elite may have about her lack of gravitas and intellectual capacity. Of course these intellectual 'power brokers' won't address the articulation of ideas in Palin's America By Heart, her op eds and her Facebook notes. To do so would mean they would have to invalidate their argument against her by citing a depth of conservative thought they claim she doesn't have. They don't want to beat Obama. They only want to preserve themselves at Sarah Palin's expense."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
The establishment's Palin Panic is truly about self serving interests. First and foremost, they fear that Palin as an outsider could win and then would owe the establishment nothing."
Kurt Schlichter at Big Journalism:
"There is a misconception that the mainstream media hates all conservatives. That’s just not true. The MSM loves some conservatives – the ones who combine a willingness to stick their conservative brothers and sisters in the back with a stereotypical, tweedy doofusism that ensures absolutely no one would ever want to be one of them. Their poster children are David Brooks and David Frum. Call them the Conservanerds... Frum’s... tiresome FrumForum group blog is devoted to the kind of supine, 'reasonable' conservatism that led to the reelection of George H.W. Bush and the triumphant Bob Dole presidency... Brooks... famously diagnosed Sarah Palin as a 'cancer to the Republican Party'; his bright idea was a McCain-Lieberman ticket. With friends like these, conservatives don’t need enemies."
Geraldo Rivera to his fellow liberals:
"The tough former governor is the strongest person in the room... I know she makes a lot of people crazy, but she should not be underestimated."
Burt Prelutsky:
"I don’t expect those on the left to say nice things about those on the other side. Why should they? I don’t, although I sometimes wish I could so that I’d appear to be above the partisan fray. But how can I when I believe that leftists are out to destroy America, whether intentionally or simply through ignorance and pigheadedness? Still, if I were a liberal, I’d hate to think I was one of those dummies who kept parroting the same stale bilge about Sarah Palin. I understand that folks on the left are convinced that they raise the intellectual curve of any room they enter, but how does anyone dare question Mrs. Palin’s intelligence without at least granting that people like Barbara Lee, Nancy Pelosi and Janet Napolitano, are about as sharp as a bag of marshmallows? And who could possibly deny that if Barbara Boxer were any dumber, you’d have to sprinkle her with fertilizer, prune her limbs on a regular basis and water her twice a week?"
The Crack Emcee at The Macho Response:
"After blaming everything on Sarah Palin - and calling for a 'new civility' and a 'new tone' in the wake of the Gabriele Giffords shooting by a NewAge leftist - all the major news stations have gone into the same crouch they assumed during the John Edwards affair, and not reported the death threats Republicans have received from the Left in Wisconsin."
Anne Leary at BackyardConservative:
"I, for one, like Palinomics. It's not pure populist, it's not anti-intellectual. It's a positive, honest, growth-oriented way forward for America... I happen to think she's running. I want her to run. I happen to think she may be the only one who can beat Barack Obama. Because she's the only one so far with the courage to take on his cult of personality and the media that created and protects him. And she knows what it takes to create jobs, support a family, and be willing to sacrifice her own to protect this country. Sarah Palin is a self-made woman. She doesn't need their imprimatur. Nor do we."
Christopher Massie at Drain the Swamp:
"For the naysayers attacking Palin based on the formidably worn out rhetoric that 'she’s not electable', or 'she’s a dummy', or 'she has no policy or platform'... it is recommended that one engage in at least SOME preliminary research on their own. Palin’s policies have been clearly laid out for the world to see..."
Debby Durkee at PoliticallyEmpowered.com:
"We’ve heard a lot about Alinsky over the past few years as Obama has taken our government in a radical direction. One of the most familiar of Alinsky’s rules is number 12: 'Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it,' which is just what’s been done to Sarah Palin. There are many more rules, and unless you’ve read Alinsky, you might not truly understand what Obama and his minions are currently doing to our country... Think of Sarah Palin quitting her position as governor of Alaska because she was having to fight constant, frivolous lawsuits at the taxpayers’ expense. She quit because they weren’t going to stop, and she did it for the state as well as for her family. Then, of course, the left berated her (and still does) because she quit. Sick. Like I said, this is a war, but only one side is playing for keeps. Palin knew what they were doing. That’s why she fights them hard on everything now. She knows."
- JP

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