Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 241

"Springtime for Chavez" Edition

TWB at The POH Diaries:
"What’s the best way to spend World Water Day? How about spouting off insane nonsense about capitalism killing off life on Mars? Hugo Chavez did. And no one in the media seems to think that that isn’t normal... Think about it for a minute. Sarah Palin gets hammered for allegedly saying that she could see Russia from her house, but the media is mostly silent about a Hugo Chavez, 'Mars once teamed with life but capitalism killed it off' rant. Nice."
Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz:
"Without Bristol Palin on the show, 'Dancing With the Stars' is down 20% in the ratings."
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Conservative Comedian Calls Michelle Obama a ‘Dumb Tw*t’... My headline’s a lie. But *gasp* can you imagine?... Again, it’s the media’s raging double standard at issue here. Rather than discuss the coarseness of our culture or use whatever excuse they could to defend the First Lady were she the target of this kind of degrading humor, they instead chose to try and turn Governor Palin’s successful overseas trip to India and Israel into a negative by nit-picking over which travel agency she used. No. Really."
Marooned In Marin:
"Since when is David Frum the gatekeeper for Sarah Palin to get permission to visit Israel?"
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"David Frum does not like Sarah Palin. He hasn't liked her pretty much since he heard her name, or at least since he laid eyes on her, or at least since she was nominated as V.P. candidate, or at least since she didn't go away and hibernate in Alaska. David Frum Republicans also do not like Sarah Palin. Never did, never will. So the latest criticism of Palin by Frum borders on the absurd, 'Is Palin Alienating Israel’s GOP Friends?' By Israel's GOP Friends Frum means the Republican Jewish Coalition. I have no problem with the RJC, but Frum's argument that Palin alienated the RJC by not booking her trip to Israel through the RJC appears to be wishful thinking by Frum... Really, are the folks there so petty that they will let their egos get in the way, as Frum suggests? I think Palin's unwavering support for Israel, and the symbolism which accompanied the trip, will count for a lot more than how she booked her trip... Palin cannot lose the support of the Frum Republicans, because the support never was there to begin with."
Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin:
"What Mr. Frum does not mention is that he does not speak for everyone at the RJC, to which JewsForSarah director Benyamin Korn as well as other J4S members belong, and where highly-placed RJC members also are sympathetic to Mrs. Palin and her policies."
Rachelle Friberg at Conservative Girl With a Voice:
"Frum really does not get it, and Levin is right to call him out for his lame attempt to criticize the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate just because she did not go conventional route... Frum is yet another example of those obsessed individuals who say they do not care about what Palin says or does, yet whenever she does say or do something, they have to find something about it to criticize. This, my friends, is the number one symptom of Palin Derangement syndrome."
SBG at Some Blogging Guy:
"Sarah Palin... wore a Star of David while visiting Israel, and according to the leftist MSNBC that pi**ed off loads of people, especially Rabbi Jeffrey Falick of Yes, there is an atheist Rabbi, and yes, this is the 'expert' MSNBC goes to for insight."
Evan Pokroy at Big Journalism:
"So, this past weekend Sarah Palin visited Israel. Obviously this couldn’t pass unmentioned in the hallowed halls of the MSM. All of it dripping with digs on Mrs. Palin, Israel, and right-wing American Jews... All of the articles find it necessary to mention Mrs. Palin’s lack of international relations experience, but we recall that this wasn’t an issue for the current resident of the White House, who took an undergraduate class."
Wild Thing at PC Free Zone:
"I love this interview with Sarah. Can you imagine if all of our elected leaders spoke this strongly for Israel and against the terrorists?"
Tony Lee at Human Events:
"Palin, should she run for the GOP nomination and win, could appeal to a broader -- and more diverse -- general election electorate, which political analysts who trade in conventional wisdom are convinced would be her greatest handicap... Palin was linking the American experience, particularly that of her frontier, to India’s in the speech. Such a message, in the future, can be used to link Palin's experience as a frontierswoman to the experience of immigrants for whom America is still the ultimate frontier -- it’s a free market oriented message that can withstand a potential primary without losing its shelf-life for the general election."
Peter Ingemi at Da Techguy's Blog:
"In my opinion the real reason why NOW is so angry about defending Palin from Maher’s remarks is that they agree with Maher and would love to be able to say it aloud, but that would give away the game."
Arachnid at In The Eaves:
"Open message to Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, David Letterman and now Susan Orleans, do you have absolutely no decency? If Sarah or any in her family come after you and debase you or yours in a public forum, you have every right to lash out and retaliate. But to constantly spew your vitriol at her, unprovoked, just because you don’t like her or agree with her politics is shameful and disgusting not to mention petty and childish. And honestly it makes you all sound ignorant. But like all liberals you probably have no moral code of decency, no respect for others, no concept of the Golden Rule. Grow up you pathetic bunch of pea-brained morons. Get a life."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Instead of NOW defending Palin, they gave a lame statement and then asked for people to stop insulting Palin because it will force them to do so. Oh the arrogance."
MK Freeberg at House of Eratosthenes:
"If Sarah Palin doesn’t have any opportunity to mollify the anger thrown in her direction, what chance do any of the rest of us have? Our 'reality based community' that doesn’t really live in anything close to reality, is supposed to be busily constructing a wonderful utopian society in which everybody has a place; everyone is entitled not only to the staples of life, but to some of the luxuries as well, plus guaranteed respect and dignity…as some busybody anonymous bureaucrat defines it, anyway. But when we observe their actions it seems that isn’t entirely true. It’s looking like, once you go on the record disagreeing with them as Sarah Palin has done, the dignity part of it is something you don’t need anymore... Is there anything out of the entire cornucopia of needs and wants that our frenzied leftists consider to be 'rights'…to which, as a matter of fact, none of us are actually entitled unless we agree with those leftists on all the important issues, and work on their behalf? To what extent has the reality-based community been lying to us about the everyone-is-entitled-to thing? What exactly are the conditions? What exactly are we to lose, out of this seemingly endless banquet of promises, for not cooperating? All of it, maybe? Whether Palin is in it or not, the 2012 campaign ought to be about that. Call her whatever you want to, but a candidate Palin would see to it. I wonder if anyone else has the [guts]."
- JP

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