Thursday, March 24, 2011

AWR Hawkins: WWPD?

What would Palin do?
In a Pajamas Media commentary, AWR Hawkins counts the ways our republic is headed for the cliff under an Obama presidency which is arguably even more disastrous than that of Jimmy Carter: high gasoline and diesel prices are up, rising food prices, record high foreclosures, an unemployment nearly twice that under Bush, a mountain of debt and a devalued dollar. Meanwhile, the president is clearly in over his head as he apologizes to our enemies, snubs our allies and pursues aself-contradictory foreign policy. None of this has gone without notice from Sarah Palin, and Hawkins figures it's a good time to ask the question: What would Gov. Palin do if she were President Palin?
In addition to an America-first policy toward energy, Palin believes that reducing the size of government and the taxes levied on Americans is a common-sense way to make sure hard-earned dollars stay in the hands that earned them. It’s also the surest way to unleash the creative spirit of America’s best: a spirit currently shackled by the debt and myriad of regulations the Obama administration has placed on the backs of citizens of all walks of life.


Obama’s current foreign policy missteps and hesitancy in using the military to crush terrorists wherever they hide would also change under Palin’s watch. She has made it clear that she would not hesitate to use the military to keep Americans safe. And as for fighting terrorists, she has expressed her strategy via a simple Cold War maxim: “We win, they lose.”

Those who have paid attention to Palin’s words and deeds as governor of Alaska, Republican vice presidential candidate, and the mother of a combat soldier (her son Track served a tour in Iraq) must have noticed that she has backbone. When she talks about national security she exhibits a decisiveness and determination far removed from the Jimmy Carter-style approach of Obama. She is far more reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher or even Ronald Reagan in this area.

Our country’s relationship with Israel is but another area in which Palin would usher in a complete reversal of the policies we’ve seen under Obama. Whereas the current administration has been markedly anti-Israel, Palin would not only support Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorist threats (like those coming from Hamas), but would encourage Israel to be unapologetic in doing so.

She’s already on record saying Israel apologizes too much.


I can’t help but think that somewhere, somehow, Reagan is smiling.

- JP

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