Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 240

Special "How Do You Like Me, N.O.W.?" Edition

Jen Kuznicki:
"NOW Communications Director Lisa Bennett... feels like she has to defend women like Palin against the limpy testosterone-deficient men on the left, but not because Palin is a woman, but because Lisa was shamed into it. Lisa, allow me to inject some common decency into your abortion-loving brain:
Radical sexist pig Bill Maher’s latest attack on female politician and wife and mother of five, Sarah Palin, calling her a dumb twa* shows this dolt has as much experience doling out sexism and stains as Bill Clinton. Long time member of the 'good ol’ boys club,' Maher refers to Palin in a most vulgar and demeaning way, but he is forgiven by the women of NOW because his club has the tradition of systematically excluding women from the upper echelons of business, corporate, and government organizations. But since the club is liberal, Lisa is okay with women being the 'dog who gets beat.' Obama, Maher, and others did the same thing to Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries, telling women they can tap the glass ceiling if only they have Windex in hand. Maher’s remark serves as a pathetic, sleazy and crude attempt to define Palin solely by type of genitalia, trying to put the teachers daughter back in her place, demoting her to a mere primal vessel.
Okay, now I just lifted most of the structure and attitude of the above comment from this posting about Rush Limbaugh from the NOW site. I changed it a little, to reflect the matter at hand... Of course there is a double-standard. A huge double standard, and Lisa is so blind with hatred for the way a person thinks that she cannot allow herself to see how Maher reduced Palin to a sexual tool. Lisa is as sick as Maher."
Steve Gilbert at Sweetness & Light:
"Heaven forbid that NOW would appear hypocritical."
Sister Toldjah:
"NOW begrudgingly defends Palin, then demands critics back off... NOW’s just peeved because they were once again called out on their glaring hypocrisy when it comes to sexist comments made about prominent female leaders, commentators, etc. Liberal women, on one hand, are deserving of 24-7 campaigns to demand apologies, suspensions, firings, etc. But because conservative women, on the other hand, don’t support a woman’s 'right to choose' and are in fact staunchly pro-life life, they aren’t 'real women' to hardcore feminist types and as a result don’t deserve the same type of militant anti-sexism support from the likes of the 'enlightened' NOW gang. Personally, I couldn’t care less about any statement – or lack thereof – coming from so-called 'women’s groups' denouncing the sexist treatment of female public figures, no matter their respective party affiliations. In fact, conservative women don’t need any defending by any duplicitous 'progressive feminist groups.' But all the same it’s worth pointing out when they don’t. More importantly, it’s imperative to know why they don’t, which I explained above. Simply put: You’re not 100% woman unless you buy 100% into the radical liberal feminist dogma about 'reproductive rights.'"
MacRanger at Mac's Mind:
"Ok, in other words NOW fully supports Maher’s statement."
Whitney Pitcher at Little Blog on the Prairie:
"NOW... can't hold a candle to how Governor Palin has supported women's rights on [the global] level. In the past year alone, Governor Palin has called for the Obama administration to seriously address the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood taking control in Egypt in part because of how they subjugate women. She has called for the Obama administration to take a stronger stance against Iran in their gross mistreatment of their female citizens exercising their right to vote. Governor Palin has criticized China's human rights abuses,which include forcing women to have abortions. Governor Palin has additionally supported women in her message of empowerment that women are strong enough to choose life, which also supports unborn girls. Her support for smaller government allows women to prioritize their hard earned money to be spent as they see fit for themselves and their families... When it comes to politics, who was the one who helped provide a boost to the election of the first female Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, first female Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, or first female governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin? It certainly wasn't NOW. NOW has asserted that they won't waste their time defending Secretary Clinton or Governor Palin, both of whom stated just last week that it's time for a female president."
PFFV at Government Mess:
"N.O.W. = National Organization for Liberal Women Only..."
David Hudson at We The People Patriots:
"NOW membership seems to be pretty upset too... [but[ after several posts disagreeing with her, [Bennett] responded: 'I said all I had to say. If it doesn't make sense to you, it never will.' This is the level of professionalism that NOW has been reduced to? I don't care who it is about, what it is about, which side of the political spectrum anyone is coming from. The vulgarities spewing forth from Bill Maher's, and other mouths are unconscionable."
American Glob:
"Do you think NOW sounds like another NPR-esque commie/socialist front group that claims to represent everyone but really exists to promote politics favorable to progressives and liberals only? Me too."
Brian at Six Meat Buffet:
"NOT reluctantly renounces Bill Maher’s comments once asked by a reporter not from Fox News. And I do mean reluctantly... They certainly do seem to have a stick up their morass. So that’s one line about Maher [a midget who beats up his hookers] and then a paragraphs long rant against conservatives for pointing out their hypocrisy. Juanita Broaddrick is still available for comment, Clinton coddlers."
Maggie at Weasel Zippers:
"NOW Tells Bill Maher to Stop Calling Sarah Palin Names Because the Right is Just Using This to Distract Them From More Important Things..."
Penny Young Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America:
"Derogatory language against women running for office is nothing new. Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton and especially Sarah Palin all went through it. But the rhetoric has been particularly foul and demeaning [since the 2010] election cycle. They are no longer content to criticize clothes and perceived IQ. They have moved on to character assassination and good old fashioned expletives. In her cringe-worthy inducing tirade against Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle, 'The View' co-host Joy Behar lambasted Angle as a 'b*tch' who would be 'going to h*ll' because she had run an ad against illegal immigration... Where in the world are the ABC executives denouncing Joy Behar’s unprofessional and misogynic rant against Sharron Angle? Might as well put them in the same category as NPR for their firing Juan Williams. ABC's silence is a disgusting show of intolerance towards conservative women. Joy Behar needs to be fired, immediately... Conservative women, like Sarah Palin... have played it straight and have not resorted to derogatory name-calling and high-school mean girl antics... Is it sexism when women hate on other women or is it just good old fashioned jealousy? Grow up girls! "
Doug Hamilton at American Truth Detector [note: slow link] :
"N.O.W... says they stand for women's rights and equality, but only if you are on their political ticket. So who discriminates against whom?"
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Good grief, I would’ve had more respect for the National Organization for Women (not a high bar) had they just said nothing... In my thirty years of fascination with politics, I have never seen the deck as stacked against anyone as it is against Governor Palin. The media and the Left rabidly hate her unlike anyone since Nixon, some insufferable establishment elites on our own side are devoted to undermining her, and the entertainment world seems to delight in shedding every ounce of their remaining class to hit as low as humanly possible. Furthermore, they go directly after what we’re told is off-limits with every other being on planet Earth: her gender, her looks, her culture, her religion, her dialect, her children… And if there’s nothing there, they just make something up. Think how much better the world would be if these people devoted as much energy and hate towards defeating Islamic terrorism as they do towards defeating Palin. And yet somehow through it all, Palin just keeps on keeping on, which only drives them all crazier."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"If you still had any doubt that the National Organization for Women was just a group of hateful leftists, this ought to clear that up…"
Joe Newby at
"After being called out by conservatives for refusing to speak to Fox News about Bill Maher's vulgar insult of Sarah Palin, Lisa Bennett, Communications Director for the National Organization for (Liberal) Women issued a statement that failed to condemn Maher, and instead attacked conservatives for daring to notice their silence on the issue. Her statement starts by asking progressives to 'please' not use vulgar slang the way Maher did... The remainder of her statement was nothing more than an attack on conservatives for noticing their overt hypocrisy... The statement, dripping with anger and hostility, never once takes Maher to task for his choice of words, nor does it demand an apology or a retraction from Maher. NOW is the group that refused to speak to Fox News, and now they are playing the victim (no pun intended). Where was NOW when Palin was being threatened with death, and viciously maligned in the media?"
- JP

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