Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 235

"Suspicion" Edition

Marcus Carey at
When I first observed the tone of news articles concerning Sarah Palin, I called foul. I said that the push was likely coming from the other contenders, using their substantial contacts in the media to remove what they perhaps believed was the front runner. Soon other articles appeared to further confirm my suspicions... I've said it before, if anything happens in politics you can be pretty darned sure somebody planned it that way. The latest story will not be the last. The use of the media to control the way we think follows a pretty predictable path. If enough stories all seemingly headed the same direction, come at us from a variety of sources over a sustained yet carefully controlled period of time, the upshot of those stories... becomes 'conventional wisdom' and we begin to buy into it as if it 'must be true.' Today's punch in the nose for Palin is too painfully obvious to knock her out, but it is also part of a much more carefully choreographed flurry of punches..."
Ray Schneider at Political Brambles:
"If Sarah Palin is as incompetent, as stupid, as weak as a candidate as they like to portray her, then why are they so compulsively fascinated, almost obsessed with criticizing her? I personally think it is because she's a real person and they are mostly all phonies."
Smitty at The Other McCain:
"The men-striation of the pundits who, more or less monthly, have to remind us that Sarah Palin is horrible – but don’t call them misogynist – remains a source of amusement... Sure, Krauthammer and Will and the rest give good column from time to time. Maybe they’re too tactical, and maybe that’s because of relatively myopic audience for which they write. Maybe, too, Sarah Palin’s vision as stated thus far isn’t terribly far-reaching. Nevertheless, the continuous 360 degree napalm shower directed at Sarah, both by the usual suspects and those who, following Reagan’s 11th Comandment, ought to be friendly, is astounding. In fact, it’s so over the top as to trigger the question of whether it’s a giant head-fake..."
John Scotus at The Tree of Mamre:
"Sarah Palin Is Unelectable … Just Like Reagan In 1980"
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"Governor Palin strikes gold (or oil) once again in a new Facebook piece... It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who consider this woman stupid, or claim she's 'unelectable'! Governor Palin sees quite plainly that the key to America's future prosperity lies in energy production. And because of her experience in Alaska, she knows exactly how to go about making it happen."
Rick at Wizbang:
"Sarah the Barracuda seems to be the only conservative politician out there willing to take Obama and his policies on... and she's doing so effectively..."
Tony Lee at Human Events:
"In a Facebook posting on Tuesday evening titled 'The $4-Per-Gallon President,' former Alaska governor and potential 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin added to the chorus and took the lead regarding some specific attacks and proposals and brought up gas prices... Palin has been coy about her 2012 intentions, but as Human Events editorialized, any potential GOP candidate who does not make gas prices and energy an issue in the lead-up to the election is risking being seen as tone deaf, just like Obama has been on the issue."
LargeBill at Keane Observations:
"Ever the optimist, Palin referred to Obama as 'The $4 a gallon president.' I say optimist because based on his stance on domestic drilling and past comments about preferring more expensive fuel to encourage greater reliance on mass transit, Obama is aiming for a price much higher than $4."
Phil Jennerjahn at The Jennerjahn Report:
"The Republican avalanche in 2010 sent a message that Americans opposed Obama's policies and spending habits. The outlook for 2012 does not look any better. An economy crippled by unemployment will not reward Obama for his failed 'stimulus' program, most of which was just cleverly disguised embezzlement. If gas prices go over $5 a gallon, Obama will be sunk. He halted drilling in the Gulf, helping to create the current crisis. Suddenly, voters might take a second look at the charming lady who promises to lower gas prices by drilling for oil anywhere and everywhere we can find it."
Merv Benson at PrairiePundit:
"Strangling domestic energy production is what Obama does regardless of what he says. Palin has much more. I think she is dead on. She has always been strong on the energy issues and this is a case in point. It is one Al Sharpton and the Politico can't dispute."
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"If grocery bills seem higher, you’re not imagining things. Thanks mostly to a sharp increase in fuel prices, the cost of food rose faster in February than in any month since November 1974 — not coincidentally, during a previous energy crisis... The good news is that the price of oil has declined after the disaster in Japan, going down to $97 a barrel. However, with Japan’s nuclear reactors under scrutiny and the crisis ongoing at their Fukushima Daiichi plant, Japan will need to boost its other sources of electricity. Nuclear power accounts for more than a third of it now. Japan will have to import raw materials for other sources to boost production, and whether that means oil itself or coal, increased transportation demand will eventually mean higher prices even while Japan recovers from the destruction... Yes, it’s definitely worth pointing out that Sarah Palin predicted this in November of last year... I wonder what Sudeep Reddy thinks now?"
Lemuel Calhoon at Hillbilly White Trash:
"If there was no other reason to vote for Sarah Palin in 2012 her understanding of our nations desperate need to develop all, and I mean ALL of our domestic energy resources would be enough to justify electing her. Of course there are a great many other reasons to hope that she runs and wins next year."
Sandy Stringfellow at CFP:
"Gov. Palin, with your twenty years experience as a trail blazer in cost cutting, ethics reform, and a consistent track record of Reagan Conservatism, nobody else in the Republican field of presidential pretenders can come close to your authenticity or credibility in exhibiting the philosophical Conservative essence of 'a servant’s heart.' In short, Gov. Palin, there is no one that can remotely compare with your career accomplishments in public service regarding the desperately called-for and immutable qualities of duty, honor, and dedication to country. Your uncommon courage in continuing to speak truthfully and forth-rightly, while your opponents have spared no effort to destroy you politically, has provided further proof you are most qualified to become the 45th President of the United States of America."
Rock at The Time Has Come Today:
"A woman like Sarah Palin does not come this way often. Please do not cast her aside because of the words of fools."
Mark Vogl at America Today:
"Rush Limbaugh once again demonstrated his insight and independence as an observer of American politics and as a free wheeling leader within the conservative movement when he stepped forward to talk about the efforts of the ruling elite to shut out Sarah Palin... Sarah, like Rush, is a person strong enough to stand on her own two feet. She doesn't need to be a part of the inner clique. Like Rush and Ronald Reagan, Sarah connects to the grass roots because she lives our life, she believes in our values, and her priorities are the same as ours. Sarah is attractive, smart, and a proven leader. The world is changing. Our economy is stagnant. We have identified new energy resources. We have a need to build our economy and literally put millions to work. We need to get a handle on our government spending. Sarah offers fresh leadership."
- JP

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