Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 245

"They'll Stone You" Edition

Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women - 1998 Newcastle

Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"I don't know if this demonstrates how truly stupid are our Beltway bois who like to dress up as conservatives, or how deranged they are when it comes to Sarah Palin. And, yes, that goes for Jimbo at NRO, nice guy, or not. What's utterly ridiculous is Geraghty's and other's takes on this... What policy is it, exactly, that conservative Sarah Palin embraced as Governor of Alaska, hmm? Oh, look at this, she reduced taxes to encourage commerce. Nah, nothing conservative in that, now is there? Obviously, she had been planning a reality show all this time, how forward looking, our Sarah. Let's just forget that many states have entire departments devoted to facilitating this same type of thing... Tim Pawlenty has been Governor of Minnesota since 2003. Why on earth did it take that conservative until 2010 to take a serious look at the budget for his state's film board? How many millions did it dole out during his terms, I wonder? Get right on that, won't you, Jimbo?"
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"Rut Roh. I guess this kills Mitt's chances of getting an NRO endorsement. Barbour's toast, too, I guess. Mitch Daniels?? How could you??? I thought you were conservative. I've already dealt with Pawlenty. I guess Bachmann's a shoe in for the 2012 NRO endorsement at this point, right? Idiots."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"I imagine Jimbo might hyperventilate over every new Chris Christie You Tube video. While Christie cut $2 million from NJ's tourism budget, it still spends several million dollars of taxpayer dollars a year to attract tourists. Through some tax credits, Alaska now has Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Alaska State Troopers, Palin's reality show and other productions, which often tout Alaska as a beautiful tourist destination, while building a cottage film industry that provides jobs and income to Alaskans. They're even building a sound stage up there, so I hear. Certainly in Jim's mind, if Palin's tax credits are an issue, Christie's 5% hotel tax to fund all that government spending in NJ is an even bigger problem for him, right? So, how would Christie defend all this spending as a conservative were he to run in 2012? I bet Jimbo will get right on providing us the answer to that troubling question."
Greg Pollowitz via Twitter:
"So if @sarahpalinusa is elected prez, she might give tax breaks to intl cos to open factories in America and create jobs. Socialist!"
Lady Liberty at From the Desk of Lady Liberty:
"The Daily Caller is ticked off they got called out by Palin for what she described, very accurately I might add, as ‘sloppy’ journalism. It was sloppy, but it was also intentional in my opinion. This was a conservative media hit piece designed to slap her down just prior to a possible announcement she might run for President. It’s right in line with the Rove-’O'Reilly backstabbing of Palin (and a handful of other rising conservative stars) narrative of late."
Mark Levin via Twitter:
"This is getting absurd, and the fact that inside the beltway conservatives play this..."
John Hayward at Human Events:
"What could Palin have done to soothe Jim Geraghty’s concerns? Insist the producers of her show refuse to take advantage of the substantial tax credit they were entitled to? Refuse to do the show? He’s probably right that she’ll take heat for it, but she takes heat for existing... I don’t see why Sarah Palin’s appearance on a television program that took advantage of a state tax credit should automatically make her a supporter of direct federal subsidies, or a hypocrite for opposing them. If the people of Alaska want to terminate that program, it would be relatively easy for their legislature to do so… certainly much easier than cutting off the direct cash pipeline from our wallets into NPR and PBS, or getting the company run by Obama’s soulmate Jeffrey Immelt to pay a nickel of federal taxes."
Nice Deb:
"‘Dissent is the highest form of patriotism’ officially ended with the New age of Obama upon us... 4/19/2009: Joe Klein: Yes, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck ‘seditious’... I wonder if there’s been any progress by the linguists in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to find a word stronger than ‘Hypocrisy’?"
Foxfier at Head Noises:
"Gosh, That Sarah Palin-- Using the word 'squirmish' to mean 'a small fight'... Whups, that's the Boston Globe, last November. Anyway... wait a sec, how many of these dang things are there?... Oh... *throws in towel* I give up! How can I show that Sarah is a stupid-head making up words when there's examples from when she was in college? Curse you, Mrs. Palin! How did you go back in time twenty-five years and put a word into newspapers! Seriously, though, folks-- I found this all on the first page of a Google news search. I didn't even have to go half way down the page before I got more than I felt like putting together in paint. Maybe y'all -- (oh noez! Did I just "invent" a word?!? It's not in my dictionary! Wait, "noez" isn't there, either...) -- should try a simple internet search before you copy the lefty talking heads and start hollering about someone 'making up' a word?"
Matthew Sheffield at The Washington Examiner:
"Scuttlebutt has it that no one has thrown his/her hat into the ring as everyone is waiting to see what former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is going to do."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"The Republican primary debate scheduled for May 2 at the Reagan Library has been moved to September 14. This is the debate that will be cosponsored by Politico and NBC... Even with a new date set, Republicans should really consider skipping this debate all together. Since 2008, both Politico and NBC have shown themselves to be less than impartial. Since scores of Democrats flatly refuse to go on Fox News cause they find it biased, why can't Republicans flatly refuse to deal with the likes of Politico or NBC? I think skipping this debate could be a way for the right to finally call out some of the biggest hacks in the media. I am not going to hold my breath for it though. As Sarah Palin has said, some Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep."
Tom Maguire at JustOneMinute:
"Obama Looks For His Inner Sarah Palin..."
streiff at
"Politico’s Ben Smith Sees Red People... The left, immune to any sense of ridiculousness, is relegated to trying to convince each other they are smarter than anyone on the right. Naturally, this often leads to hilarious results. When Sarah Palin told a Tea Party crowd to 'party like it was 1773' the leftosphere went positively orgasmic until someone pointed out that the Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773, not in whatever year the left thought it did."
Benyamin Korn at
"William Kristol walks back his criticism of Sarah Palin..."
Gripping Hand:
"I’ve been puzzled about the vitriolic hate directed at Sarah Palin ever since she was introduced to a national audience. The seething and ranting has reached epic proportions and has gone way beyond any disagreement over policy positions. Was it simply that Palin was an attractive, relatively conservative woman? Was is that she wasn’t a product of the so-called elite educational institutions? Her political credentials were no worse than many other national candidates, so that couldn’t have been it. So what was it? The answer came to me yesterday... While driving in Kentucky, I saw a... bumper sticker... which stated, 'Palin does not speak for THIS woman!' While surprisingly free from ad hominem attacks or or scatological references, it illustrated the problem with Palin – she’s a woman. In the eyes of the left, that is simply inexcusable. Why should anyone think that Sarah Palin speaks for anyone other than herself? When she speaks, she says what she thinks, not what all women think. People can chose to accept what she says or not, or debate certain points with her, or engage in any other sort of rational debate with her, but the conversation is still with *her* and not with any collection of people other than ones that specifically say she represents them. And there is the problem – the left cannot accept that individual people have individual opinions."
- JP

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