Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mark Levin: From a good friend

" I missed the part where the 'tax credit' was specifically earmarked for Ms. Palin."
Posted just minutes ago by The Great One on his Facebook Notes page:
From a good friend
by Mark Levin
"I don't know if you are going to address Geraghty's outrageous attack on Palin's show and the alleged 'tax subsidy' she granted herself (three years before she ever had the idea to make the show - she must really be prescient) in NRO today. I know you have so many things you have to cover every day you might not have time - understandable. I find such a biased, ill informed attack coming from NRO really sad. Why do they fear Ms. Palin so much? What has she ever done to earn their ire - other that stand for homespun American values and principals? Why single out Ms. Palin's little info-mercial for Alaskan Tourism? Geraghty calls the Alaskan 'tax credit' a 'government subsidy' of Palin's film. What?! I missed the part where the 'tax credit' was specifically earmarked for Ms. Palin. Many localities offer tax credits to bring 'business' to their areas, whether film, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, etc. Has Geraghty ever stopped to think that a 'tax credit' is a kind of 'tax cut' - I guess not. Aren't lower taxes as an incentive to spur free market expansion supposed to be a basic tenant of conservatism? I guess Geraghty missed that meeting. It seems Geraghty has also missed the fact that Burnett Productions, and Ms. Palin, will all pay federal income tax on what they earn from the showing of the film - mainly from TLC and advertisers. The Alaskan Tax credit will only act to lower this tax burden."

"Not only am I saddened by these attacks of 'one of our own' but I am fearful. If the GOP nominates another 'Bush Republic' to run against POTUS, the GOP will lose. The Tea Party conservatives will stay home, they will not work for another 'McCain' and the unions will turn out the vote for the incumbent (rhetorical question coming) why don't the establishment Republicans see this?"
No, my friend, I won't be addressing it. I think you said all that needs to be said.
- JP

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