Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 244

"Annoying Little Pri Mosquito" Edition

Gina Dalfonzo at Christianity Today Blogs:
"When comedian Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a 'dumb t--t' on his HBO show last week, few people were holding their breath waiting for the National Organization for Women to come to her defense. But as a matter of fact, NOW — the largest feminist organization in the U.S. — did. They just did it in a way that brings to mind the old saw, 'With friends like these, who needs enemies?'... There’s an important application here for Christians, who believe that all persons, of all beliefs, backgrounds, and genders, are created in the image of God and derive their worth from him. That in itself should ensure our respect for each person's dignity, and restrain us from personal attacks based on gender or race or appearance or any other God-given quality. All of us struggle in that area, myself not least. But as Christians, we have a vital reason to fight the temptation: our stated belief in the value of each human life that God has created. Whether the woman making headlines at any given moment is Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or Laura Bush, some of us will have reasons to disagree with her. But disagreements should be just that: disagreements. As Christians, however strongly we deplore a person’s ideas or actions, we should know that to attack a woman on the basis of gender, or any other essential part of her identity, is to attack the God who made her."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"If I was Todd Palin I’d be looking to corner Maher in an alleyway and beat the pulp out of him."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"In a recent 'Real Time' installment after the riots began in Egypt, the host said that for lasting political change to occur in this region, there's going to have to be a sexual revolution that improves the treatment of women. But apparently to Maher, such equality doesn't begin at home, for he has in the past eleven days called Palin a t--t, a bimbo along with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and now the dreaded C-word which to women is like the N-word to African-Americans. Once again, I point my finger at the National Organization for Women. By not specifically admonishing Maher, 'Real Time,' and HBO in its weak defense of Palin last week, this hypocritically self-described women's organization was implicitly telling this so-called comedian and the network he represents it's just fine to make sexist attacks on this woman - and conceivably all conservative women - no matter how vulgar. Welcome to the new and NOW-approved feminism, America - where liberal women's rights are to be defended while conservative women's rights are to be trampled on like a restaurant door mat."
Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler:
"If I called, say, Michelle Obama the kind of stuff Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin… how much overtime would the drones at Media Matters rack up?"
Howard Portnoy at Hot Air's Green Room:
"It is unclear how low radical-left opinionator Bill Maher can go in his disparagement of Sarah Palin, but suffice it to say he has to train his gaze upward at this point to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the sewer he long ago passed on his descent into the realm of crude schoolyard taunts... Although liberal women are finally speaking out against Maher... there is no indication he plans to desist any time soon with the irrational and self-debasing name calling. And why should when he’s got the approbation of 'a largely gay (and certainly gay-friendly) audience' to fill his sails? As his moral fiber, or what is left of it, disintegrates, he can look forward increasingly to standing-room-only audiences — so long as he doesn’t mind playing to houses with 60 seats."
Tim Rogers at FrontBurner:
"I Hope Bill Maher Doesn’t Kiss His Mother With That Mouth..."
Rich Trzupek at FrontPageMag.com:
"It’s ironic that Maher would dare to question the intelligence of anyone, of any gender. This is after all the same fellow whose one appearance on a serious national news show featured him declaring that Brazil 'got off oil' over the last thirty years and that the South American country now powers their economy on sugar cane. In fact, Brazil is the world’s ninth largest oil producer and the president of the United States wants to trade batteries for more Brazilian oil imports. Clearly, Maher is not a bright enough bulb to evaluate anyone’s intelligence."
B. Daniel Blatt at Gay Patriot:
"Sarah Palin has really become the official left-wing panty buncher... What is it about attractive and outspoken conservative women that drive certain left-wingers bonkers?"
Wendy K at NewsReal Blog:
"Back in the ’80s it would have been unheard of for any woman politician, either from the Right or the Left, to be blasted with obscenities. No one would have dared. In the very unlikely circumstances that someone did lob an obscene comment at a woman the person would face stern consequences. Certainly when Ferraro was on the ticket she was never called a monster or a b__ch like Hillary Clinton. But whatever was done to Clinton pales in comparison to the treatment of Sarah Palin. Sexually degrading and menacing words have been hurled at Palin on a daily basis. Because no one in a position of authority called off the dogs early on (think Obama here,) it’s been open season on her and other conservative women."
Ace at Ace of Spades HQ:
"Rolling Stone's Not Really Sure Who Jeremy Morlock's Commander in Chief Was But They Do Know Who He Used To Play Hockey Against..."
Ronbo at The Freedom Fighter's Journal:
"As I predicted several days ago on this blog, the leftist media has authored another blood libel against Sarah Palin by way of Morlock, a soldier who recently confessed to be guilty in the murder of innocent civilians in Afghanistan. This latest wild charge by the Left is based only on the fact that Morlock was a resident in the same town as Sarah Palin and allegedly knew some of her children. If you follow this logic, isn't Barack Obama guilty of every murder committed in Chicago when he lived there?"
Ronbo at The Freedom Fighter's Journal:
"When a major Leftist Media outlet like the Soros funded 'Huffing & Puffington Post' devotes an entire page to Sarah Palin - the American Socialists are peeing in their pants in worry that the first female president and ultimate feminist may be a Christian woman with children."
Daria at The Conservative Diva:
"I am not quite sure why Kerrie Heretic — a self-described conservative — is so filled with venom over Sarah Palin, a courageous leader who has been an unapologetic, consistent voice for freedom, American Exceptionalism and commonsense conservatism in the face of relentless death threats, character assassination, slander and a campaign of personal destruction on the part of DNC operatives that ultimately resulted in her resignation from her Alaska governorship and prominence in the Tea Party movement. Kerrie, why don’t you save some of your bile for the man who is destroying our country, the same one Palin fearlessly takes on on a daily basis — unlike the weak-willed boys of the GOP establishment?"
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"Guess she didn’t like it, huh?"
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"As some of you might recall, I've been fairly critical of the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg and some of his positions on Israel, which at times seem to be almost a kissin' cousin to those of his anti-Semitic former Atlantic colleague Andrew Sullivan. However, his site today has an interesting piece that sheds a great deal of light on something that out to be brought out into the sunlight. Entitled 'Goldblog is a Pro-J Street Blog' he makes that point that while much of what J-Street does he disagrees with, he's deeply angered that the Israeli Knesset held a hearing to determine whether J-Street was a pro-Israel organization, and that Israeli PM found time to meet with Governor Sarah Palin (whom he despises) but not with the minions of J-Street... J-Street and similar organizations were not formed and financed to promote Israel and Zionism. George Soros put them together to provide a beard, an 'alternative viewpoint' for President Obama's anti-Israel stance in order to negate any accusations of anti-Semitism. The bird who flies over from the next tree to try to foul someone else's nest has no business feeling slighted when the birds who've chosen to live there take that amiss and try to stop him."
- JP

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