Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 242

"Living on a Thin Line" Edition

Jonathan S. Tobin at Commentary Magazine:
"Did Palin Zone Out on Obama and Israel? Nope... An on-line discussion at Politico about her comments was headlined on its homepage as concerning 'Palin’s idiotic comments about Israel.' So how 'idiotic' were they? The correct answer is not very... Far from stupid, these remarks are actually very much to the point about the willingness of this administration, and some of its predecessors to pressure Israel to make concessions when the real obstacle to peace is what it always has been: the Palestinians' unwillingness to make peace or to give up terrorism... If Palin thinks of it in terms of zoning, it may be because, unlike Obama, she takes it for granted that Jews have the right to be in their own country and build wherever it is legally permissible to do so. Twice in his first two years in office Obama picked very nasty and public fights with Israel’s government over the building of homes in existing Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. These arguments were not only an unprecedented attack on Israel from an American president on the issue of Jerusalem. They were both unnecessary and had the effect of making peace negotiations with the Palestinians less likely. So when you look at it from that perspective, maybe it’s Obama and not Palin who has been the 'idiotic' one when it comes to Israeli building policies."
MariaS at Dodo Can Spell:
"I absolutely love her stance on Israel... No wonder the hard-Left hates her the way they do .... she's going to push their faces into the dust at every opportunity... much to our eternal entertainment."
Mendy Ganchrow, M.D. at Ganchrow World View:
"As I wrote previously, I did not believe Sarah Palin was a credible candidate for President. Last nite she was on Fox with Greta,and I have to say that both Sheila and I were truly impressed with her demeanor. She just returned from India and Israel. It was not just her views in Israel that I felt comfortable with, but her whole approach to Libya and leadership. She has matured since the hectic days of the campaign. If she runs she will be a formidable candidate."
Zvi Wiesenfeld at Doozenhowser:
"Well Done Mrs. Palin... I am officially in love with Sarah Palin."
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"Palin says she would have supported a no-fly zone a month ago when the mission was defined as pushing Gaddafi out of power. Now, with an almost completely ambiguous mission and unclear objectives, Palin says we shouldn’t have bothered... Palin does a good job here providing the conservative viewpoint on military intervention and victory. She offers much more coherence in ten minutes than the Obama administration has offered in six days of fighting in Libya."
Robert Naiman at The Christian Science Monitor:
"As a matter of logic, if President Obama can bomb Libya without congressional authorization, then a future President Palin could bomb Iran without congressional authorization."
Tom Donelson at Texas GOP Vote:
"Ah, in reviewing Obama's performance in the White House, there is one thing that comes out truthfully; how Obama stacks up poorly against Sarah Palin when it comes to leadership... Obama's biggest failure is to set forth a vision for his policy and even today, Americans and the world for that matter, don’t know what end game Obama has in mind. With President Palin, the end game would be the end of the Gaddafi regime... We are seeing a President who was not ready for prime time with advisors who were also not ready for prime time. So how it is that Sarah Palin would have been worse? At least President Palin would not have needed to be educated on the importance of America’s role in the world nor the importance of market economics as the basis for economic policy. But it is now apparent one learns more from the University of Idaho than Harvard."
Patrick S. Adams at Liberty's Lamp:
"All of those on the Republican side who put Sarah Palin down are either purposely or inadvertently getting into bed with the liberal media."
Chris Wilson at Wilson Research Strategies:
"Recent interpretations of national polling data have suggested that former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is “losing ground” based on movements in her image rating among all self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents. But what are we really looking at? FACT: The recent Washington Post/ABC news poll that is the basis the 'losing ground' comments still shows Palin on the right side of the favorable/unfavorable scale with 58% having a favorable impression and 37% with an unfavorable impression... If you look hard enough, you might just find some of the same 'conservative elites' who are attacking Sarah Palin today saying eerily similar things about Ronald Reagan in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s... In the recent past these 'conservative elites' have been important in how conservative voters evaluate candidates. So far their attacks on Palin aren’t having as much of an effect as one would think. And her image, especially among strong conservative voters, remains very positive... her greatest asset is that she can appeal to the same large voting blocs of middle class conservatives who elected conservatives in primary and general elections in 2010, and when she gets a chance to speak to increasing numbers of voters on her terms, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to see her number shoot right back up."
Jim Geraghty at NRO's The Campaign Spot:
"Palin Isn’t the ‘Through’ CNN Might Want You to Believe"
Poll Insider:
"There are 5 major issues that will win or lose the 2012 Election for someone, if they can handle those issues correctly... and Palin is on the right side of all of them. She can be on the offensive on every one, as Obama is left defensively responding or flat-out lying (but, alas, he has a record now!). She can go after spending, healthcare, jobs, energy, and immigration. Where she can succeed, the others will stumble. Romney’s big skeleton is Healthcare. Sure, he can say it was different because it was a state issue. But, alas, the principles of his state law were liberal. Gingrich loses on immigration and energy. Huckabee loses on immigration and spending... Not only is Sarah Palin the only major candidate that is completely tuned-in to public opinion on the big 5 issues, but she is also the only candidates who can put together all of the necessary components to win against the $1 billion candidate."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"Sarah Palin Hits Back at 'Annoying Little Mosquito' Bill Maher… He’s more of a cockroach, but annoying little mosquito will do."
Lori Ziganto at NewsReal Blog:
"Women don’t need the likes of NOW 'defending' them. Sarah Palin knows this. She is often accused of 'playing the victim' too often, and the reason given is that she stands up for herself and issues her own statements in lieu of waiting for others to do so. That is the opposite of victimhood. She is not relying on the likes of N.O.W. or other faux women’s groups to 'defend' her. She has come a long way, baby. It’s far past time that we all do. The first step is hammering the final nail in N.O.W.’s coffin... They should be marginalized as the group full of useful idiots that they are."
Ann Althouse:
"Sarah Palin's joke writers are better than Bill Maher's."
Star Parker via Scripps Howard News Service:
"Slaves who had the temerity to run away from their plantation 'home' paid dearly if they were caught and returned. Measures were taken to make them an example to others who might harbor similar thoughts about freedom... Such is the fate today of those uppity souls who choose to challenge the authority and legitimacy of our inexorably growing government plantation. Those with interests for the care and feeding of this plantation cannot physically punish these rebels with the whip. Their whip is the mainstream media and the means of punishment of this virtual whip is not beating of a physical body but assassination of character. This perspective helps us understand the ongoing liberal obsession with destroying Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin... But it is brave individuals like this, in public and private life, upon whom our future depends."
- JP

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