Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 239

"Overcome" Edition

Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"If you are a Muslim extremist bent on establishing Sharia law worldwide, Sarah Palin represents a serious threat. Because liberalism and elitism in both major political parties here at home are protecting their own interests, not enough is being understood about the role Palin would play on the world stage should she become president... Coexistence and isolationism didn’t get us out of the Cold War, and these will not prevent a worldwide caliphate either. 'We win, you lose' is the only way to stop them... Sarah Palin understands the language of international power politics. She's fluent in it. When she uses mama grizzly imagery, she is talking about the primal condition of nature. Here in America, we are civil human beings. But out there in the world, a lot of those people are just animals. The elites and the liberals in America may worry that she will rock their little boats and upset their little apple carts, but they can take solace in the fact that this country will still be a familiar enough place for them to survive in if she does win the presidency. One cannot say the same should Obama win a second term."
Aleister at American Glob:
"Photo Quiz: Who Looks More Comfortable With Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Obama Or Palin?"
Michael Krebs at Digital Journal:
"Coming from a stint in India where she claimed the need for a female US president, Sarah Palin visited Israel on Monday, reaching out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, actions that appeared to signal a 2012 presidential bid. Political prognosticators anticipating a run by Sarah Palin for the White House in 2012 were likely feeling confident of their projections on Monday, as Ms. Palin visited Israel and dined with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."
Avi Green at Infidel Blogger's Alliance:
"Palin may have succeeded because the McCain campaign wasn't undermining her this time. And Danon is to be commended for citing Muslim persecution of Christians under Fatah's dictatorship. Thus, Palin's visit to Israel, just like India, is a very worthy occasion."
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"The private nature of her visit did generate a tempest in a teapot for Netanyahu, with a silly attack from his opposition over the Prime Minister’s welcome to Palin while putting off a meeting with their leader. Jeremy Ben-Ami complained that Netanyahu 'has time to host Sarah Palin' while ignoring the representative of '170,000 pro-Israeli, pro-peace supporters.' However, as the leader of the government, it’s Netanyahu’s responsibility to extend hospitality to significant foreign visitors, and Palin only had a short window for her visit. If Ben-Ami aspires to help choose a successor, perhaps he should get a little more perspective on the job first... Ben-Ami is not an Israeli, but the president of the left-leaning lobbying group J Street here in the US — which makes this even lamer than first thought. Why did the Jerusalem Post even bother to report Ben-Ami’s criticism?"
iusbvision at The IUSB Vision Weblog:
"The press in both India and Israel was very positive. No matter what you think about Sarah Palin this trip helped her and served her well."
Wild Thing at PC Free Zone:
"God bless Sarah, she lets her light shine. Our Country is desperately in need of someone of her patriotic character. I saw the pics of Bibi with Huck and with Mitt. They looked like they were taken in a government office somewhere - not at Bibi's home... The Lefties will not fool Bibi for a second. Sarah’s a class act. She’s smart and lives by the values that made America great. How dare the scum who are behind J Street suggesting that they are affiliated with Jews or Israel. They are enemies within of Israel and the Jewish people. JStreet is an Arabist front group bankrolled by George Soros. All that used to be secret. It is secret no more. Ben Ami is a traitor and it amazes me that he thinks he can still fool anybody. The U.S. needs a president. Sarah fits the bill."
Laura at Israpundit:
"I love Sarah Palin for her moral clarity and her support of Israel and friendship with the Jewish people. She is unafraid to defend Jewish rights to the Jewish homeland when most of the rest of the world is siding with the false claims of the fakestinians and demonizing and delegitimizing Israel."
Rick Richman at Commentary Magazine:
"Unapologetic in Israel... Palin probably knew her question reflected a profound historical echo, from a famous essay by Ze’ev Jabotinsky entitled 'Instead of Excessive Apology'... And if she did not know, more power to her. It is another indication she has a visceral feeling for the issues she champions. She may or may not be a good candidate for president, may or may not even run, but it is not entirely obvious that she would be worse than Mr. Next-in-Line, Mr. Double-Decaf, Mr. Three-Marriages-for-His-Country, and Mr. I-Dunno-I’m-Making-a-Lot-of-Money-Right-Now."
John Nolte via Twitter:
"Best evidence Palin had a successful overseas trip? Little to no MSM coverage. Don't blame Libya. Had she mangled a word..."
Nice Deb:
"A trip to India and Israel is a good first step for a potential presidential candidate seeking acceptance on the world stage. Sarah Palin gave a very well received speech in India, and met with the Prime Minister Of Israel. Her trip overseas went very smoothly, and bolstered her foreign policy credentials. The experience should be considered a net positive for her. But no – the left won’t give Palin that. She can’t even take a trip to Israel without them sniping at her, ridiculing her with anti-Christian slurs, and sounding like frantic poor-sports freaking out because a longtime Dem constituency seems to be turning away from them. Everything about her is 'weird' and scoff-worthy. David Corn snidely argues that Evangelicals only like Israel because Armageddon is supposed to happen there – and… and – it’s not like they actually like Jews or Israelis… I’m almost sorry to lay this on you – it’s hard to listen to grown men sounding like this..."
Greg Hengler at The Tipsheet:
"It's anyone's ball game when 'Crazy' Chris Matthews, David Corn (how many burnt-out hippies still read Mother Jones?), and Eugene 'I'm here all week' Robinson step out of their clown car."
United Citizens Council at Tyranny Sentinel:
"The Reverend Van Ens has written an attack column against Sarah Palin in the Vail Daily newspaper. Of course being a good leftist the 'Reverend' left a few things out, like any sort of context... The biggest problem with this article is that it excoriates Sarah Palin for answering attacks on her without even mentioning the attacks on her... 'Listeners detected a quality of love in Jesus’ teaching that’s missing in Palin’s malice'... No one claims she is the immortal daughter of God or a new Savior. Jesus was not a politician, Jesus was not a 'community organizer' and Jesus was not a 'populist'. Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins. You lower yourself when you compare politics and politicians to Jesus. I suspect you really meant to replace Jesus with Barack Obama but knew that wouldn’t fly with anyone with half a functioning braincell."
Keith Burgess-Jackson:
"At least half the hatred of Sarah Palin, in my judgment, stems from the fact that, unlike her critics, she has it all."
MK Freeberg at House of Eratosthenes (Language Alert):
"Maher is just the sorriest sight I can imagine... How much of a sad sack piece of [expletive deleted] is he? Bill Maher might very well have woken up one morning… and figured out that not only is Palin qualified to be President, but she’d be more qualified for that office than anyone since Lincoln. No, it isn’t terribly likely. Point is, if he did, we wouldn’t know... Yeah, he’s got people sitting in front of him laughing at his jokes. Who among them is saying 'I want my kid to turn out just like Bill Maher'? Oh but we haven’t even gotten to the really pitiful part, which is this: Once again, something ugly has been dredged up for people to say about Sarah Palin. And once again, it’s something completely made-up…which says something. It says something about her, and it says something about the people who want to criticize her. They don’t live in reality. And they make poor decisions."
- JP

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